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If you mean the Rescue Me commercial, the song is Public Service by The Bravery.

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Q: What was the electronic music song in the Comedy Central commercial?
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What was the background music to the comedy central summer of comedy commercial?

Swollen Summer - The Bravery ~King Crusader

Two and a half men commercial music what is the song in the latest comedy central advert?

Snoop Dogg's Drop It Like It's Hot

What is the music used in the comedy central evening comedy commercial?

The song's name isBlues Saraceno - 5-4-3-2-1 Here We Go!

Which Tommy Davidson routine was it where he pretended to play a fiddle as part of the sketch. A parody on country music perhaps?

It was on comedy central's stand up special. I was looking for it today. It is either "comedy central presents" or a collection show

What is the music used in the adverts for live at the Apollo on comedy central the acoustic?

David Guetta Ft Avicii, Sunshine

What is some good music to use in a comedy series?

Comedy music is humorous in design, such as parody songs, novelty songs, comedy rock or comedy hip hop. For example, The Lonely Island have released a range of comedy music videos.

Where can comedy CD's be purchased from?

Comedy CD's can be purchased from a variety of sources. You can find them at your local music store or big-box store like Walmart. You can also find them available for purchase on sites like Amazon or Comedy Central.

What is the name of the music used on the new trailer for Mike and Molly on Comedy Central?

September - Earth, Wind & Fire

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I believe it is Comedy. Yes, comedy is a music genre.

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Bango's are used in Comedy music source: my music teacher

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Electronic rhythm and traditional blues music?


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