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They find a way out of the cave, with help from Angie ,whom they thought was dead, after her fall, she was very worried about the worm that was looking for them. This worm was massive, bigger then a horse! They were running out of the cavebecause the worm was chasing after them! When they escaped from the cave they thought they had been there for months, but it was only a couple of days. When they returned home they got along much better... they all thought the worm was just from their imagination, except for Angie, who moved to another school.

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In the book "Underworld" by Catherine MacPhail, the ending reveals that the protagonist, Danny, chooses to leave behind his life of crime and gang involvement. He decides to start fresh and make better choices for his future, symbolizing hope and redemption.

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Q: What was the ending to the book Underworld by Catherine MacPhail?
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