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Q: What was the entry covered over Khufu's?
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Why was the entry covered over in the pyramid?


Why was the entry covered over in a pyramid?


Why was the entry covered over for the pyramids?

so the thieves couldn't find the entrance

Why was the Entry on the pyramid covered over? comment... by teeny tiny gurl

Whose is the biggest pyramid of Egypt khufus Or Khafra?

khufus by 70 meters believe it or not.

Why was the entry covered cover in the pyramid?


What were khufus accomplishments?

what ever it was that he did successfully:)

Why is the entry covered in pyramids in ancient Egypt?

to keep theifs and other people out

Who was khufus wifes?

His wife's are kafre and menkaure.

When is king khufus birthday?

when was khufu`s birthday ?

What is king khufus nickname?

he was known as the pyramid builder

What are some words that have the same meaning as covered entry?

Foyer, Hallway, Lobby

Has khufus pyramid ever been robbed?

it did sweet stuff

Why was khufus pyramid important?

his pyramids were the great pyramids of giza

How long is the great pyramid of Khufu?

size of khufus pyramid

King khufu's wife?

khufus had three wives; Merityetes, Henusen, and Nerfertkau

Where would khufus power be accepted?

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Why was khufus ship built?

your mom and cuz he ugly

Does insurance pay for emergency forced entry?

If the forced entry was necessary in order to help mitigate a covered loss (ex. fire) then yes it should be part of your claim.

Why are sheep covered with cotton?

Sheep are not covered with cotton. Sheep are covered with wool, as in all over the body.

What was the original purpose of khufus Great Pyramid?

it has been or it was intended to be his tomb, his body was not found in it...

What was khufu's personality?

could you tell me khufus personality cause seriously i dont know

What portion of the earth's surface is covered in water?

Over 3/4 of the Earth's surface (or over 75%) is covered by water.

What Canadian province has the most covered bridges?

Quebec, with well over 100 covered bridges, both wooden covered and modern covered bridges.

Did khufu build the pyramid himself?

no khufus pyramid was build by a group of 20,000 to 30,0000 people