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Spallanzani wanted to could meat in a closed container, to avoid contamination. The air however in the container could have shattered, so he evacuated the container after sealing it shut. The meat did not cloud with bacterial growth supporting the biogenesis theory.

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he used a swan neck beaker with a substance in it to prove hey fever would not infect the substance. vital force could still get around a bnd but did not infect the beaker substance therefore living things only arise from preexisting living things. not spontaneously created

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Q: What was the experiment of Louis Pasteur on biogenesis?
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The experiments conducted by this scientist demonstrated the principle of biogenesis.?

The experiments conducted by the scientist Louis Pasteur demonstrated the principle of biogenesis.

Who was supplied proof for virchow's biogenesis?

louis pasteur

What scientist used flasks to support the theory of biogenesis?

Louis pasteur was the one to support th theory of biogenesis.

What did lazzaro spallanzani invented?

His research of biogenesis paved the way for the investigations of Louis Pasteur

Who originated theory of biogenesis?

The Law of Biogenesis, attributed to Louis Pasteur, states that life arises from pre-existing life, not from nonliving material.

Who proved biogenesis?

Luis pasteur

What is the theory that today organisms evolved from past organisms?

This theory is called biogenesis. It was formulated by Louis Pasteur.

What invention supported Louis Pasteur's research?

The invention of the microscope supported Louis Pasteur's research by allowing him to observe microorganisms, specifically the role of bacteria in fermentation and disease. This technology enabled him to make groundbreaking discoveries in microbiology and develop the germ theory of disease.

Which part of Louis pasteur's experiment represents the control?

Which experiment? He performed many, many experiments during his life.

What scientist responsible for disproving the theory of spontaneous generation?

Francesco Redi, in 1668, showed that abiogenesis of maggots did not occur, and further experiments by Lazzaro Spallanzani (1768) and Louis Pasteur (1861) showed that many of the lifeforms thought "created" were those already invisibly present in the air or in other materials.

Had you been Louis Pasteur what would have been your reflections and conclusions based on this experiment?


Who began pasturizing milk to kill bacteria?

The process of pasteurization came from Louis Pasteur.