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What was the feud between Jamie Lynn and Alexa Nikolas about?


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Ok I'm good friends with Dan, the creater of the show, I was on the set the days when everything happened. Alexa actually didn't quit she got fired. Nickelodeon doesn't want to look bad so Alexa got a 3 year monthly settlement to keep quiet about what really happened! What happened was the Jamie Lynn and Alexa were good friends when the show first started, one day Jamie Lynn and Alexa started talking and Jamie Lynn brought up Brittany and Alexa said that Brittany was a "whore". Jamie Lynn told Brittany and Brittany came to the set (Pepperdine University) one day and told off Alexa. Alexa was so scared and terrified that she actually started crying. Brittany was escorted off the set. Jamie Lynn and her Manager talked to Dan and said that if Alexa stays on the show then Jamie Lynn won't. And then they picked Jamie Lynn due to the fact that she was the star of the show. I however, met everyone on the show and everyone was really nice incuding Alexa but Jamie Lynn has a little prissy bitch. It got a lot worse as the show went on.