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There were eight Webkinz released at the same time in April, 2005 so it is hard to know for certain which was the fifth. The first eight Webkinz were: * Cow * Pig * Black Bear * Lion * Elephant * Hippo * Golden Retriever * Cocker Spaniel

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Q: What was the fifth Webkinz ever made?
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What was the 5th webkinz ever made?

The fifth Webkinz ever made was the Webkinz Elephant. I can prove this in easy steps: 1. Log into your Webkinz account 2. Go to the Newspaper and under the section, Webkinz Pets & Stuff 3. Click on Webkinz Pets, and it will show you all the Webkinz from oldest to newest. I hope this helped! P.S. Many people think the Cheeky Dog was the first Webkinz ever, but it was actually the Pig! The Cheeky Dog was just the first retired webkinz!

What is the third Webkinz ever made?

The third webkinz is the Cheeky Monkey.

What was the first kind of Webkinz ever made?

There was never a first Webkinz. The second Webkinz was the pig

2nd webkinz ever made?

the pig

Where are Webkinz made at?

at the ganz factory, where ever that is?

Was the cow the first webkinz ever made?

No It Was Not

Was the cheeky cat the first webkinz ever made?


Is the Webkinz Cheeky Dog retired?

yes, of course the Webkinz cheeky dog IS retired . it was the first webkinz ever!!!!!!!! it was made in 2005

Smallest Webkinz ever made?

It's the kinz clip

What was the fourth Webkinz ever made?

There is no such thing as the FOURTH webkinz or the FIRST, because webkinz made the Cow, Pig, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Hippo, Black Bear, Elephant and lion and released them all together. Since webkinz did not announce which of these were made 4th, a FOURTH webkinz does not exist.

Who made the first webkinz?

The Company Ganz made the first webkinz. Although I don't know the first one ever made, I can tell you that the first one retired was the webkinz cheeky dog. Hope this helps! ~Goldendoodle~

What was the price of the first webkinz ever made and who bought it?

it was:imacarolinagiao the 3rd

What are all the webkinz ever made in order?

I do have every Webkinz ever made in order, memorized, but because there is so many, I will save you time and instead of writing down the names I will give you resources. Log in. Go to Webkinz Pets & Stuff in the news. Go to Webkinz Pets. They are listed in order. Go to This has them mostly in order. It also has future webkinz and pics of webkinz special items.

What dad made Webkinz?

Sorry, no dad ever created webkinz, it was a whole group of people who now call themselves "Ganz"

Will Webkinz ever make a Webkinz meerkat?

No no no no no no no

Who was the first webkinz ever made?

The frog was the first won ever made Release Month,Pet,Item Number,Type,More Info,Status,Jan 2006,FrogHM001,Regular Webkinz,Pet Of The Month,Released

Where can you get a Webkinz rooster?

You can get a Rooster where ever webkinz are sold.

Which Webkinz was the very first Webkinz ever?

The very first webkinz ever was the Webkinz cocker spaniel (not the American cocker spaniel but the cocker spaniel) Hope that helps!

What is the first webkinz that was ever made?

i think it is the pig or cow put i am sure it is the pig

What is the 50th webkinz ever made?

I think it is the Signature Panda. Please correct me if I am wrong

Where are Webkinz made?

Webkinz are made in New Jersey

What is the most valuable webkinz ever made?

That would ethier be Cheeky Dog or Cheeky Cat, They are about $700 maybe , and they were also one of the first webkinz.

What is the first webkinz ever?

The first Webkinz ever was a pig. Check on Webkinz World and look at newspaper. The first one that's there is a pig.

What was the second webkinz ever made?

The cheeky cat I think! P.S. MY USER NAME IS trey810!

What was the first webkinz pet ever made?

the frog or the cheeky monkey is what i think maybe the frog