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the first carbonated drink was known as soda water, but 5 years after soda water COKE COLA was created

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Q: What was the first carbonated drink ever made?
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How was the first soft drink made?

It was carbonated water in the 1700's. The first that had a flavor was carbonated lemon in England in 1833.

Who made the first fizzy drink?

Water is naturally carbonated at times, and the first fizzy drinks were just flavored, naturally carbonated water.

What is in a spritzer?

A drink made of wine and carbonated water.

What drink is made from cocoa beans?

the first drink ever made was made out of flower,honey cocoa beans and vanilla. but it was then made into hot cocoaHot chocolate

Does corn syrup make the fizz in Sprite?

No. The fizz in any soft drink is made by carbonated water.

What Solvent is in soft drink?

Water carbon dioxide, but carbonated water was made from chalk by the use of sulfuric acid.

Which drink is made from peach brandy brandy rum carbonated water fresh lemon juice and sugar?

swamp water

What was the first soft drink?

Naturally carbonated mineral water has been known and used since ancient times; similar drinks made using crushed flowers, herbs and fruits were made by Arabs in the medieval ages.

Is expired red bull safe to drink?

Red bull isn't made up of anything that would seriously affect you if do drink it. However, I advice you not to drink it if it doesn't seem like it is carbonated anymore.

How do you make fizzy drink at home?

Dry ice bubbling up through whatever concoction you made will make it "fizzy", or carbonated.

If the first chocolate drink was made in the year 927 bc how many years ago was the first chocolate drink made?

the first chocolate drink was made 1413 years ago

Who made the first ever scooter?

Who made the first ever scooter

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