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What was the first cell phone invented?

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I think it is a kind of motorola.

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Which country invented first cell phone?

The first cell phone was made in belgium in 1982

When was the first cell phone with a touch invented invented?

It was invented in 1966

Who was the first person to create the cell phone?

Alexander Grambell DID create the first cell phone, he was the inventor of the telephone. aMrtin Cooper invented the cell phone.

Where in China was the first cell phone invented?

China didn't invent the cell phone. The US did.

What year was the first cell invented?

The first cell phone was crested/invented in the year 1973 by Martin Cooper.

The first cell phone ever invented?


When was the first touchscreen cell phone invented?

In America

Who invented the first ever cell phone in the world?

Einstein invented the lightbulb

Who is the first person discovered cellphone?

The cell phone was not discovered, it was invented. The man who invented the cell phone was Martin Cooper, who worked as an engineer at Motorola.

Where was it cell phone invented?

lol, The First Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) was Invetnted In China By the Dvd SEllers aka tony

When the first cell phone was invented?

Bell labs made a first cell phone in 1947, but Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973 made a cell phone most like we have today.

Who invente the first cell phone in the world?

Yes the 1 cell phone has been invented in Bell Labs

Who invented the first cell phone with camera?

Philippe Kahn

When was the first mobile cell phone invented?

In The Year 2055

What is the name of the first phone?

The DynaTac is the name of the world's first cell phone. It was invented by Martin Cooper.

What did Henry Sampson invent?

he invented the cell phone he invented the cell phone

What are facts about the cell phone?

The cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. The first one was made in New York.

The first cell phone invented was?

Well it looked like a basic home phone and bigger then a moderen day cell.

Who was the first person to invent a cell phone?

Martin 'Marty' Cooper invented the first handheld mobile phone. He invented the phone while working for Motorola in the 1970's.

What did martin Cooper invented?

He invented the first cell phone.......and made the first call to Joel Answered by: Gifty

When was the digital cell phone invented?

In 1988 the first model came out.

Who invented the cell phone or the phone.?

The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell and the cell phone was created by Martin Cooper

Who made the cell phone and when was the cell phone made it?

The first cellphone ever made was by Martin Cooper. It was invented in April in 1973.

What is his name that invented the cell phone?

Doctor Martin Cooper invented the modern cell phone.

What year was the cell phone invented?

The idea of cell phones dates to the 1920's and police radios. The first cell phone was made by Bell labs in 1947, but it wasn't until 1974 when Dr. Cooper of Motorola made the first cell phone we would call a cell phone for the government. In 1984 the first cell phone was sold to the public.