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It was Professor John Vincent Atansoff. He developed it in 1939. It was invented in the Iowa State University.

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Q: What was the first electric computer?
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What was the first non-electric computer?


Who invented the keyboard of computer?

the first computer keyboards were ordinary electric typewriters.

What was the first computer company in the US?

The first computer company in the US is Electric Controls. Electric Controls was founded in 1949. The company was backed by the United States government.

Which company first launched computer?

The business use of a computer was by GENERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION IN 1954

When was the first computor made?

Charls babage is the inventor of computer But On April 7, 1953 IBM publicly introduced the 701, its first electric computer and first mass produced computer

Which was invented first the laptop computer or the digital camera or the refrigerator or the electric light bulb?

Electric Light Bulb

IBM 610 auto point computer what was it used for?

it was the worlds first computer. It was kind of like a electric typwriter

When was the first computer being introduced?

In 1822, Charles Babbage created the first mechanical computer which does not resemble the computers we have today. For many years, the computer continued to evolve. On April 7, 1953 IBM publicly introduced the 701, its first electric computer and first mass produced computer

What is the name of the first ever electric computer of the world?

The Colossus

What year were computers invented?

Some might say that the Babbage Difference Engine was the first computer. It was built in 1822. The first programmable computer was the Z1 built in Germany in 1938. The Colossus was the first electric computer in 1943. The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was the first digital computer in 1937. ENIAC was completed in 1946. IBM built their first mainframe in 1953. The first mincomputer was built in 1960. Hewlett Packard built the first desktop computer in 1968 called the HP9100A.

Why were vacuum tubes used in first generation computers?

The first programmable computer was the electro-mechanical Z1 in 1936. The first digital computer was Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) in 1937 (using vacuum tubes) and the first electric programmable computer was Colossus in 1943. Transistors (which replaced vacuum tubes) did not exist until 1947.

What are some electric computer parts?

All computer parts:

Is electric engineering is best or computer engineering?


A computer that has many electric electronic and mechanical components known as what?

hybrid type computer

When Australia had the first computer does it was the first computer in the world?

no, Australia did not have the first computer in the world

When was the first electric toothbrush sold in the US?

The first electric toothbrush in the USA was the Broxodent in 1960.

Who invented the first electric piano?

The first electric piano was invented in the 1960s.

What countey was the first electric made in?

The first electric toothbrush was made in Switzerland!

Were did they make this first electric car?

They made the first electric car in London

Where was the first electric car made?

The electric car was first made in England.

Did Charles Babbage design a computer that ran on vacuum tubes?

No, he had to use mechanical gears, etc. because they were the only device technology available in his time. Electric relays were first developed about 15 years after he designed his computer, while vacuum tubes were first developed about 90 years after he designed his computer.

What was the first word processing application to be used on a personal computer?

A program called Electric Pencil in about 1977.

What has the author Petar I Slapnicar written?

Petar I. Slapnicar has written: 'Computer aided nonlinear electrical networks analysis' -- subject(s): Electric networks, Computer simulation, Electric circuits, Computer programs

How many keys on 1st computer keyboard?

The first computers had no keyboards, all data was entered offline via punch cards or tape. The first keyboard connected to a computer was a standard electric typewriter and would have had the same number of keys as other typewriters.

An electric machine that stores and processes data?

A computer.