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There are several contenders for this distinction as the recording systems at the time were pretty rudimentary. * ugh * yau * guk * sau * okk

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What was the first horse on earth called?

the first horse to ever live on earth was called a Shamagin .

What was the first ever horse called?

It Was Called The Abrian

Was the first bike ever called a hobby horse?


What was the first type of horse called?

the first horse was hyracotherim

What is the best horse ever called?


What was the best horse ever called?


What was the first horse called HorseIsle?

The first horse was called Eohippus.Aveline, Bay Server.

What is the name of the first horse ever?

The first BREED of horse ever was the Eohippus, which lived in the same times as mammoths and saber tooth tigers.

What was the first ever film?

The Horse In Motion 1878

What was the very first horse breed?

There is no "first" breed. The first TYPE of horse was called Eohippus (the dawn horse). The oldest horse breeds are the Arabian and Barb.

Who was zara Phillips first horse?

zara phillips first horse was called toytown

Which was the first movie ever created?

The first motion picture was "The Horse In Motion," a 16 frame footage of a horse galloping.

What is the horse called first?

the first horse was called hyracotherim (hi-rack-oh-THEE-ree-um) is the earliest known ancestor of the modern day horse.

What was the first horse called?


What is the First film ever?

The first film ever was 3 seconds long by Eadward Muybridge called "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop" which began the idea of motion pictures and movies. It is also nicknamed "The Horse in Motion".

What is the first movies ever made?

The horse in motion(1878)

If a horse is under 42hh what is it called?

I think you mean under 14.2hh. No horse has ever been above 25hh, I think... Anyways, a horse under 14.2hh is called a pony.

What is a horse called when it's first born?

A newborn horse is known as a foal

What was the first prehistoric horse called?


Should you get a Arabian as the first horse you should ever get?

Any breed can be a good first horse so long as the rider and horse get along and match each others skills.

Who was the first horse to win the triple crown?

Sir Barton was the FIRST horse ever to win the Triple Crown, at the 1919 Preakness Stakes.

I'm taking my horse for a horse ride what can i not forget?

Never ever ever forget a horse first aid kit. Never forget to tighten the girth on the saddle or you might fall off.

What is a female horse called when it is first born?

a horse whene its born is called a foal both male and female

What did the first car ever made looked like?

A horse buggy

What was the first movie ever made?

The Horse in Motion. It was filmed in 1878