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Q: What was the first major book publish?
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Who was the first printer to publish a book in English?

The first printer to publish a book in English was William Caxton

What year did isaac newton publish his first book?

what year did Isaac newton publish his first book

Who was the first person to publish a book?

Mr. John James Audubon was the first person to publish a book. His book was titled " Birds of America".

What book did Roald Dahl publish first?

In 1943 he wrote his first children's book, The Gremlins

When did Jacqueline Wilson publish her first book?


Who was the first women to publish a book?

phillis wheatly

When did Rabindranath Tagore publish his first book?


When did Michael Morpurgo publish his first book?


When did Vesalius publish his first book on anatomy?


Who was the first to publish a book on Pythagorean doctrine?


When did Jules Verne publish his first book?


What book did Gutenberg publish first?

Gutenberg first publised The Bible.

Who was the first black to publish a history book?

The first black to publish a history book was Annette Gordon-Reed. She won the Pulitzer Prize for History for her book called The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family.

What book did rl stine first publish?

R.L Stines first book to be published was Welcome to hororland.

What did Virginia Hamilton publish her first book?

Virginia Hamilton's first book was Zeely, published in 1967.

When did Helen Keller publish her first book?

when she was 20 years old her first book was The story of My Life

How do you publish a manga?

You can publish a manga like how you publish a book (a picture book more of).

First African American to publish a book?

Phillis Wheatley

Who was the first African American to publish a book?

Phillis Wheatley

What book did Jacqueline Wilson publish first?

bad girls

What year did Suzanne Collins publish her first book?


Where did Phillis Wheatley publish her first book?

She published it in London.

Who convinced Charles Darwin to publish his first book?

his wife

How can i publish my first book easily?

Now it is easy to publish any book like e-book, non fiction book, inspirational book, and so on. There is a website called grace point publishing. If you visit them then you can realize how easy to publish a book. They will also help you to get more sell. You can visit them if you completed your book.

What is one way to publish a book?

The first step would to make sure your book is properly edited and that all of your artwork is in place and ready to print. A local printing company can print copies of the book, but If you want a fancy hard cover version a professional should print your book. As for publishing you can publish with or without a publishing company. A publishing company allows your book to gain major recognition and it will be offered in major retail outlets.