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Q: What was the first rebellion name led by Lois riel?
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What did Louis Riel do to contribute to the rebellion?

A face, a name, and leadership.

Who was involved in the north west rebellion?

Louis Riel, the government, First nations people

What were the consequences of the red river rebellion for Louis riel?

The Red River Rebellion led by Louis Riel resulted in Riel negotiating the terms of Manitoba's entry into Confederation, which included land rights for the Métis. However, Riel's actions during the rebellion, including the execution of Thomas Scott, eventually led to his exile and later execution in 1885 after the North-West Rebellion.

What year did Riel Rebellion take place?

There were actually two uprisings led by Louis Riel in what are now Manitoba and Saskatchewan: The Red River Rebellion of 1869 and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885.

When the riel rebellion end?

Lasted from 1869 to 1870.

Why was Lois Riel exucated?

Louis riel was haug because he killed thomas Scott who was a bad person and killed lot's of people.

Is Riel a better first or last name?


What happen in 1885 in Canada?

the northwest Rebellion with Louis Riel

What has the author Charles Bayer written?

Charles Bayer has written: 'Riel' -- subject(s): Drama, Riel Rebellion, 1885

What was Louis Riel daughter name?

Louis Riel's daughter's name was Jean-Louis Riel.

What were the questions asked to Leif N. F. Crozier in the Louis Riel trial?

During the Louis Riel trial, Leif N. F. Crozier was asked about the events of the North-West Rebellion, including Riel's actions and intentions. Crozier was also questioned about his interactions with Riel and others involved in the rebellion, as well as his observations of Riel's mental state and motivations. The prosecution focused on building a case against Riel for his role in the rebellion, while the defense sought to portray him as a misunderstood leader fighting for the rights of the Métis people.

Who led the Metis in the Red River Rebellion of 1870 and the Northwest Rebellion of 1885?

Louis Riel was the most vocal leader or spokesman, though there were other leaders in both rebellions.