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Justin Bieber's first song was "One Time".

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How old was Justin Bieber when he made is first song?

Justin Bieber's "WHERE ARE YOU NOW" song was made last year that was his first song made if you are talking about "ONE TIME" Justin Bieber did not make that song. =]14

What was the 1st song Justin Bieber ever made?

The first song Justin Bieber ever made that became a big hit is called "One Time".

WHAT IS THE First song Justin Bieber did?

The first song Justin Bieber did was, " Baby" and " One Time"

What was Justin Bieber first song?

one timeJustin Bieber First song was one time that came out in 2009 !

What was Justin biebers first song he wrote?

justin bieber first song was is love me

When was Justin bieber first song ever?

The First song That He Co-wrote And Made A Hit Was One Time.

Why did Justin Bieber make the song baby?

Justin bieber made baby because he likes a girl and said she was his.That's why Justin bieber made the song baby. love your favorite fan for live!!!!!! sexy beast Justin bieber

Who wrote Justin Bieber - baby?

Justin Bieber First One To Write The Song.

What was the first song that came out by Justin Bieber?

the first song that ever came out by Justin beiber was the song "one time"

What first song did Justin bieber write?

The first song that he wrote is "Where Are You Now."

Who wrote the song mistletoe?

justin bieber made the song in 2011

What was Justin Bieber's first song on iTunes called?

The first song that Justin Bieber had on iTunes was One Time.

What was Justin Bieber fist hit song?

Justin Bieber's first song was One Time

When did Justin Bieber sell his first song?

On November 17, 2009, Justin Bieber released My World, his first album ever.

How old was Justin biebr when he wrote his first song?

Justin bieber first song is baby i think or one time

What song did Justin wrote with usher?

First dance-Justin Bieber(feat.Usher)

Who wrote first dance by Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber wrote the song himself, cause he is just genius.

The first song Justin Bieber wrote?

actually, the first song Justin bieber ever wrote was common denominator. but he didnt record it after a while. but the first song he ever recorded was where are you now. i hope that helped

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