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it was ugly

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Q: What was the first step in the development of early humans from hominids?
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Which was the first step in the development of early humans from hominids?

Walking upright

Who were the first human creations?

Early humans called Hominids or Australopithicus.

What came first humans or hominids?


Where did sumerians live?

sumerians lived in "mesopatamia" or "the land between the rivers" these rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates. which is where the early hominids (early humans) first started.

What came first humans or hominid?


When did homninds live?

Hominids are also known as humans. The first hominids lived around 4 or 5 million years ago and have not become extinct.

What was the first species to appear on earth?

The early bacterias. Hominids

Why were the first people nomads?

Early humans were nomadic because they were constantly in need of food and water. This changed with the development of agriculture.

Where did the first people live?

Africa. Africa is the base answer according to modern science DNA evidence. However, new archeological based theories support the first humans as we know today were not to only from Africa. Rather, humanity evolved from several lines of hominids with the basis of early humans in Africa.

What are the physical changes that happened to the homonids?

As the hominids grew there has been development between them at first they started looking like apes/humans but as they grew they started looking more human like and developing larger brains to make tools.

When did the first hominids appear?

The hominids first appeared about 2.3 to 2.4 million years ago in Africa.

Who are The first hominids thought to have an advanced language?

Homo sapiens are the first hominids thought to have an advanced language.

Who were the first settlers in Iraq?

There were early hominids that arrived in Iraq around 100,000 years ago. The first towns and cities in Iraq were the forerunners of Sumer.

The first species of early humans to travel outside Africa was?

To tell you the truth the first species of early humans to travel outside Africa are the Homo Erecuts.

Did early hominids migrate from Africa to Asia?

They first migrated from africa to the middle east then to the indian content which is in asia so yeah

Who were the first hominids?


Based on fossil evidence where did early humans go first Europe or Australia?

Early humans would have first gone to Europe. Australia is a island and early humans would have probably walked to europe far before they rode the ocean to Australia.

Which gender develops first?

In the development of humans, the default is female. That is the reason that all humans have nipples.

What is the branch of direct ancestors to modern humans?

The ancestors of modern humans are land mammal, primates or chimpanzees. These primates first appeared 30 million years ago, these are also known as hominids.

Who were the first early humans to make fire?


How did early humans first communicate?

They Communicate by sound

On which continent did early humans first appear?


Who writed the first letter and who discovered it?

early humans

Who invented first machine in this world..?

Early humans

When did early humans first appear on earth?