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Q: What was the first storage media used with mainframe computers was?
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What are two reasons for using storage media in computers?

It is portable. It provides or act as a back up

Why is the save icon in Word a floppy disk?

Many of the first personal computers did not have hard drives, or those that did had limited space on which to save data. Instead, the user saved the data on floppy discs. As computers evolved, storage media changed. Now, one can save virtually everything on a hard drive, either internal or external, a flash drive, a CD, or a DVD. When icons were first developed, floppy discs were the dominate storage media. Why change it now?

What advantage of using removable storage media for electronic records?

A great advantage of removable storage is that it is portable and can be plugged into other computers.

What protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computers viruses found in memory on storage media or on incoming files?

An antivirus.

Which is the worlds first largest optical storage media manufacturer?

Ritek Corporation

What are storage media and storage devices?

A device that helps you take content from your computer and use it on other computers, your iPad or your iPhone. All you have to do is upload the material you wish to take with you to the storage device, and then connect the device to the hardware you want to use the material in.

Removable media and non-removable media?

Removable storage media refers to CD's, DVD's, Floppy discs, USB drives. Non-removeable storage media refers to RAM, and Hard Drives. So where the storage media's are found depends upon which you are 'talking' about; but generally non-removable inside the computer, removable outside of the computer.

If you were the chief information officer of a firm what factors would you consider when selecting secondary storage media for your company's record?

Several factors should be considered when selecting secondary storage media. The first factor is what purpose the media storage is to be used for. The next consideration is the size of the media storage units needed. Price will have a great impact on what selection is made. Speed is another consideration, the buyer should understand how accessible this media will be. Compatibility with other storage units must also be considered. Finally desired portability is another consideration.

What is the maximum storage on the magnetic media?

Magnetic storage optical storage solid-state storage storage capacity

Is a hard disk a storage device or storage media?

The hard drive would be considered both, as the media is not removable.

What is the four storage devices and the the approximate size of each?

One storage device is RAM. Also Magnetic Media, Flash Media, and Optical media. Your welcome :)

Can storage media be damaged by magnetic and electric fields?

Yes; if the storage is on magnetic media then that can be altered by magnetic and electric fields.