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What was the first thing on earth?

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Some/ many people and scientists say that monkeys, gorillas,

apes etc were the

first living thing to be on Earth. BUT, they are all wrong, as

the first living thing on

earth were fish, sounds stupid I know! But First, there were

fish in the sea, then

one day A few brave fish came out of the water, some died, but

others evolved

into monkeys and revolution continued to us today! but the first

thing EVER on

earth was bacteria and single celled things.


The first living objects were simple bacterias which originated

in the early

oceans. These were soft bodied organisms which evolved into

jellyfish and

similar soft bodied multi-cellular organisms. About 500 million

years ago fishes

started to form in the oceans, and eventually some of these

reptiles evolved to

be able to breathe the air that was becoming increasingly oxygen

rich. These

reptiles became increasingly massive and ornate and were the


During the time of the dinosaurs - the name incidentally means

"Terrible Lizard"

small mammals started to appear. When the dinosaurs became

extinct the

mammals had a head start and evolved into the variety of mammals

that we

now know which also includes the human race.

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