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The primary intent of the 1763 "Royal Proclamation" drafted under King George III was to solidify the British territories assumed after the 7 year war in North America. In addition, I beleive the other motivation for drafting this proclamation was to establish better relations with the Native Indians or as they called them Aboriginals which means original settlers and or native inhabitants. You could say it was a public claim to property anoucement and public relations press release rolled into one. This was evident in the proclamations language which stopped settlers from claiming land within Aboriginal territories. However the rule did state that the settlers could file for claim through the Crown who would conduct the purchase of the desired property with the Aboriginals . This method was probably adapoted to avoid potential disputes between the settlers "the buyers" and the Aboriginal people 'the sellers" which could further disrupt fragil relations. Of course non of the proclamation was drafted with the input of the Aboriginal leaders and was suited towards the colonies interests.

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Q: What was the goal of the 1763 proclamation?
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