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Radical Republicans wanted the Federal Governenment To force change in the South

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Q: What was the group that wanted the federal government to force change in the south?
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Is the U.S Air force a federal government job?

Yes the U.S Air force is federal government job.

What name was given to Northerners who wanted to force southern states to change their laws and government?

Radical Republicans.

Can a state force the federal government to lesve?

You cannot force the U.S. government to leave in the U.S. government. But if the state has a big enough army, with force, it could overtake by force the the U.S. government.

What right was granted to the federal government by the force bill?

The federal government was granted the right to enforce federal laws, including the collection of protective tariffs. This was a power the federal government had not held before.

How did a 1987 supreme court decision change the policy of extradition?

the ruling allowed the federal government to force a governor to return a fugitive. -EVA :)

How the federal government asserted its power in the West?

the Federal Government asserted the power in the west by using force to stop the Whisky Rebellion.

A change of government by force is?

coup is the answer

What did the federal government force the native American Indians to do?

Have a tea party

What was the most important force behind Americas economic prosperity after the war?

the federal government

What did the government seek to do by following the termination policy?

they wanted to force native americans into the mainstream.

Why was it a revolution?

Revolution is a turning, a change. Revolution tends to imply a change of government by force.

In the late 1800's the goal of the federal government's policy toward native American Indians was to?

The goal of the federal government's policy towards Native American Indians was to rid them of land wanted by the U.S. in order to proceed with territorial expansion. They wanted to relocate the Indians to reservations much smaller than where they were now. They started the Indian Removal Act in order to do so.