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You should be able to look this up at the Public Library, the Newberry, or the U of C library, depending on which has it microfilmed in their collections.

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What error was printed in the newspaper regarding the 1948 Presidential election between Dewey and Truman?

The Chicago Times headline read, "Dewey Defeats Truman!"

Which newspaper incorrectly declared Dewey Defeats Trueman in 1948?

The Chicago Tribune. The error was soon corrected, but not before 150,000 papers had been printed with the wrong headline.

What is offered on the ChicagoDefender website?

Chicago Defender is a weekly newspaper based in Chicago, founded in 1905. The newspaper primarily for African-American readers. It published a daily newspaper in 1956-2003, then went back to weekly format.

How many pages was the Chicago American Newspaper in 1912?

It was a newspaper - every edition would have been slighty different number of pages.

How much is an original copy of the Dewey defeats Truman headline in the Chicago Daily Tribune worth?

An original copy of the "Dewey defeats Truman" headline in the Chicago Daily Tribune is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. The hardest thing is going to be to prove that the copy is actually the real deal. This newspaper is very easy to copy because of the method used to print it.

What paper name begins with c?

Chicago Tribune is the name of a newspaper. Chicago Sun-Times is the name of another newspaper.

What was the 1948 election night headline of the Chicago Tribune?

"Dewey Defeats Truman".

What is the largest newspaper in Chicago?

The Chicago Tribune has the largest circulation. Unless things have chnaged recently, the Chicago Tribune is the largest and oldest newspaper published in Chicago. The Chicago Sun-TImes is I believe a close second.

Can you find out when the Chicago American newspaper started and ended publication?

Chicago's American was an afternoon paper, premiering on July 4, 1900 as Hearst's Chicago American. It's companion Morning American came out in 1902 and was replaced by the Examiner in 1907. In 1939 William Randolph Hearst sold the American and his Herald Examiner. It continued as the Chicago Herald American until 1953 with it becoming Chicago's American. The Chicago Tribune owned the American from 1956 through 1969 and then finally, as Chicago Today, from 1969 until the paper ended it's publication on September 13, 1974.

Is the Chicago tribune a real newpaper?

Yes, the Chicago Tribune is a real newspaper.

What is one of Chicago largest newspaper?

The Chicago Tribune leads in circulation followed by the Sun-Tiimes.

What is the value of two 1936 Chicago Tribune newspaper articles and pictures highlighting the Chicago Cubs and Dizzy Dean?

in excellent - Near/Mint condition the articles could sell for a few dollars. A full paper would be of the highest value, the cover headline would be next, and an article would be the lowest. The more complete the newspaper the more valuable. Because of the low quality paper used newspapers do not sell at high price. Browning, rips, and creases will lower the price significantly. I have a Framed 1927 World Series Newspaper headline. Every time I handle the paper (to frame it) I would lose little flakes of paper off the edges. The Newspaper clipping you have (with a picture) if it is well preserved, and displays well could sell for more. The significance of the article, and the size of the clipping will be a factor as well.

What is interesting about the Chicago defender?

It was the first Black daily Newspaper.

Who was the projected winner of the 1948 Presidential election?

In 1948, Republican Thomas Dewey was projected as the winner. The Chicago Daily Tribune famously published a "Dewey wins" headline. There's a famous picture of the actual winner, Harry Truman, holding up that newspaper while celebrating his victory.

Whose nickname was therefrigerator?

In American Football, he was William Perry, born December 1962. Best known for his years with the Chicago Bears

When is Stefanie Scott's birthday?

Stefanie Noelle Scott, an American actress and singer, was born on December 6, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is 2006 walk of fame prompted Chicago tribune to run the headline yippee ki yay?

It is Bruce Willis 100%

What is the Chicago Defender?

An influential Black Weekly newspaper established in 1905.

1905 newspaper founder of Chicago defender?

Robert S. Abbott.

Does it snow in Chicago in December?


Who is 2006 walk of fame prompted Chicago tribune to run the headline yippee-ki-yay?

Bruce Willis

What is a proper noun for newspaper?

A proper noun for the common noun newspaper is the name of a newspaper, for example The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, or the Los Angeles Times, etc.

What does WGN stand for?

World's Greatest Newspaper. It's owned by the Chicago Tribune.

Where is the A French American Museum Of Chicago in Chicago Illinois located?

The address of the A French American Museum Of Chicago is: Po Box 61, Chicago, IL 60690-0061

What American baseball league plays for Chicago?

The Chicago White Sox play in the American League.