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he became blind from one eye

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What was the health problem Euler hid from his family and what happened as a result of his illness?

Poor eyesight.

What year did the World Health Organization acknowledge alcoholism as an illness?

The World Health Organization acknowledged alcoholism as a serious medical problem in 1951, and the American Medical Association declared alcoholism as a treatable illness in 1956. The World Health Organization acknowledged alcoholism as a serious medical problem in 1951, and the American Medical Association declared alcoholism as a treatable illness in 1956.

Health Effects of inadequate living space?

it contributes to the transmission or spreading of illness or dse in the family

What has the author Amechi Nweze written?

Amechi Nweze has written: 'The Nigerian family in health and illness'

It is a common misperception that mental health or illness is unrelated to health or illness?


How do heredity affects mental health?

If there is someone in the family who suffers from mental illness , it can be passed on to the granson , genetically.

What are the beliefs of native American about on health and illness?

What are the native americans believes about illness and health?

Difference between sociological and biological definitions of health and illness?

the difference b/w sociological and biological definition of health and illness the sociology of health and illness is the interaction b/w the society and health

What are the benefits of taking a Family Health Insurance Policy?

Family Health Insurance:Cover your whole family under a single premium with a common Sum Insured one single policy takes care of the hospitalization expenses of your entire family. Family Health Plan takes care of all the medical expenses during sudden illness, surgeries and accidents.

What is a antonym for health?


What is the antonym for illness?


What part of speech is the word illness?

The word illness is a noun. An illness is an instance of ill health.

What happened to Rose on Two and a Half Men?

She is supposedly on leave for family and health reasons.

How is health and illness defined in contemporary society?

Health is not only absence of illness, but complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Illness is distress caused by ill health that affects productivity and necessitates availability of affordable and timely health care.

Food borne illness can be a major problem?

Yes. Food borne illness can be a major problem , especially if it spreads. One time at a Burger KIng near where I live, a food borne illness came out and it spread all over the town. Then Burger KIng was shut down for health issues, and reopened again afterwards.

Health and illness behavior?

Health and illness behavior is a course done by the medical students that help them understand their patients better.

How do you define illness?

Illness is an unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness.

How does Dunn's model of health help you understand health and illness?

It is a part of our final exam..,hehe.,maybe you are one of my classmates in behavioral and anthropological perspective of health and illness.

What has the author Michael Bury written?

Michael Bury has written: 'Health and illness in a changing society' 'Health and Illness (Short Introductions)'

What has the author Linda L Eddy written?

Linda L. Eddy has written: 'THE IMPACT OF CHILDREN WITH CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEMS ON MARRIAGE (ILLNESS)' -- subject(s): Health Sciences, Nursing, Individual and Family Studies Sociology, Nursing Health Sciences, Sociology, Individual and Family Studies

What is the meaning of illness?

from google: Illness (sometimes referred to as ill-health) can be defined as a state of poor that answer your question?

Characteristics of mental health?

Depends on the illness.

What is it called to regain health after illness?

recover is the answer :)

What is the negative definition of health?

negative definition in health is an absents of an illness and disease.

What are the different of health and illness?

illness is a sickness eg.(gastro) but it can also be a sickness like cancer or diabetes i dont give a **** bout ur health

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