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What was the highest percentage income tax being paid in 1918

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Q: What was the highest percentage income tax being paid in 1918?
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What was the highest percentage income tax in 1918?

The Highest percentage income tax in the year of 1918 was 77%

What was the highest percentage incoe tax being paid in 1918 Why was is so high?

They raised taxes to 77% in recognition of world war I in order to fund military projects and war efforts.

What are the release dates for To the Highest Bidder - 1918?

To the Highest Bidder - 1918 was released on: USA: 13 July 1918

What was the1918 average income for men?

What was the average income for men in 1918

What was the average salary in 1918?

Average household income in 1918 was about $3030.

What was the highest percent paid tax in 1918?

77 percent

Was there television in 1918?

no it was being invented.

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328 at the 1918 us open

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Russia and Germany had the two biggest armies in World War I. Both also had the highest number of soldiers killed in action (not percentage though). Germany defeated Russia in 1918.

What was life like in 1918?

this is the year (1918) my father was born in Altoona Pa. it was a booming railroad town then PRR being a big form of income to the area. his father worked the railroad for 48 years. my dad just passed in 2009 & always told stories of the horse & buggy days.i really miss him .

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