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Q: What was the idea promoted by William Lloyd garrison?
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What idea and practices did The liberator promote?

The Liberator was an abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831. It promoted the idea of immediate and uncompensated emancipation of all slaves in the United States. The newspaper also advocated for racial equality and civil rights for African Americans.

Which of these was an idea promoted by william llyod garrison?

Flooding Congress with thousands of antislavery petitions

What is the main idea of The Liberator1831 by William Lloyd Garrison?

The Liberator was an abolitionist newspaper that was founded by William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp in 1831. Slave state legislatures came out in vehement opposition of the paper threatening lawsuits and offering rewards for the names of the distributors. The paper was in circulation for thirty years, ending after the Civil War.

Who became more and more hostile to the idea of slavery on moral grounds?

Abolitionists, such as William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass, became increasingly hostile to the idea of slavery on moral grounds. They believed that slavery was a grave injustice and a violation of human rights, and they advocated for its immediate abolition.

The idea of states' rights was promoted by the?

The idea of states' rights was promoted by the Alien and Sedition Acts. answer zoz.

Which African American abolitionist lost support by saying slaves should fight for their freedom?

Henry Highland Garnet

Which idea did Garrison and his newspaper support?

ending all slavery immediately

What idea of freedom of religion was promoted by?

thomas Jefferson

What promoted the idea of the manifest destiny?

James K. Polk

What Puritan promoted the idea of freedom of religion?

Jonas Staple

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President who promoted the idea of Manifest Destiny WAS?

James Knox Polk