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Thomas Edison was an American inventor. With over 1,000 inventions, Edison's impact in the field of technology was felt worldwide. Perhaps the most famous of his inventions was that of the self-contained light bulb, negating the need for open flames in the house. He also invented the phonograph and the motion picture camera.

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How did Thomas Edison's inventions impact American life?

thomas edison discovered electricity

How did Thomas Edison impact the world?

Edison impacted the world by his great ears that made everyone have to repeat everything.

What impact did Thomas Edison have?

Thomas Edison had a big impact on inventions. His inventions lead to bigger and better inventions. He held over 1,000 patents on different ideas. He is best known for inventing the light bulb.

Who is Thomas Edison and why?

Thomas Edison is Thomas Edison because Thomas Edison is Thomas Ediison

What impact did Thomas Edison have on American culture and society?

i really dont know

What religion was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was christain Thomas Edison was Deist

What Was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was an inventor

What books did Thomas Edison write?

The Diary of Thomas A. Edison, Phonograph and Phonograph Graphophone, Tomas A. Edison papers and Thomas Edison on Money and banking are the books that were written by Thomas Edison. Thomas was an American businessman and inventor.

What did Thomas Edison achieve?

what did thomas Edison achieve

What inventor first recorded Mary had a little Lamb in 1877?

Thomas Edison Thomas EdisonThomas Edison

thee wrod,s that descriv thomas edison?

where did thomas edison live

Where did Thomas Edison invent?

Thomas Edison was based in Edison(named after him), New Jersey.

What kind of scientist is Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was an inventor.

What kind of scientist was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was an inventor.

Who was famous from 1860 to 1880?

Thomas A. Edison Thomas A. Edison

Why did Thomas Edison get married?

Because Thomas Edison Wanted To

How did Thomas Edison take A stand?

Thomas Alva Edison

What did Thomas Edison study?

Thomas Edison studied the lightbulb

Thomas Edison major discoveries?

thomas Edison discoveries

Which of these did Thomas Edison invent?

Phonograph apex

Did Thomas Edison have a mustache?

No Thomas Edison didn't have a mustache

What was Thomas Edison kids names?

William Leslie EdisonCharles Edison Marion Estelle Edison Thomas Edison, Jr. Theodore Edison

Thomas edisons family?

Samuel Edison and Nancy Elliott Edison were the parents of Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison had two wives one Mina Miller and Mary Stilwell. He had six children namely Marion Estelle Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, Jr., William Leslie Edison, Madeleine Edison, Charles Edison and Theodore Edison.

What is the parents name of Thomas Edison?

Samuel Edison, Jr. and Nancy Elliot Edison if you are referring to Thomas Alva Edison.

Who married Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison married Mary Stilwell