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the free peasant suffered during that period because of the military service and the months forced labor

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Q: What was the impact of the Han period on Chinese free peasants?
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Did lords employ peasants?

No, peasants worked for free, in return for a small amount of land, and protection

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Peasants enjoyed sporting events and wandering jugglers as a form of entertainment to relax. Peasants were given mandatory holidays and labor-free Sundays to avoid rebellions from them.

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A serf was a peasant, but not all peasants were serfs.A peasant is usually a farmer. A peasant could be free or not, and though most were doubtless poor, we find references to well-to-do or prosperous peasants. Serfs are peasants legally bound to a lord's land, and were not allowed to move away. Serfs usually had to provide labor in exchange for a place to live and work.

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By encouraging each peasant to work the land independently Rebuttal: The above answer is a bit misleading. China (like Japan) was still a feudal society until the early 1900s. Chinese peasants were at the bottom of the social scale, and would have welcomed the Communists' more egalitarian view of society. However, under communism, agriculture was collectivised, so peasant farming was not truly "independent" (as suggested above. Once the Nationalist Chiang Kai Shek was deposed by Mao Tse Tung (Zedong), Mao's crazy economic policies caused great hardships. His "Great Leap Forward" was disastrous exercise that resulted in the starvation of millions of peasants.

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