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AnswerMany people died, and it altered government order and land ownership due to the amount of dead.

The Black Death also brought challenges to the Catholic Church, as some began to wonder why God allowed such diseases and terrors.

AnswerAbout half the people in Europe may have died, and in some places it may have gone as high as 75%. Economically, this produced a severe shortage of labor, and this was particularly true of farm labor. The result was a large increase in agricultural prices and wages. While the government sought to keep these under control, it also lead to a great increase in wages for other laborers. These factors combined to tempt serfs off the land at the very time they were most needed, and lords began to rob each other of their serfs by offering a better deal. Eventually, this led to the near destruction of serfdom within fifty years.

By contrast, in France and other areas of Europe, the loss of workers lead to greater inflation and unrest, from which governments had to recover over a long and hard period. Wars were put on hold, including the Hundred Years War, fought between the English and French.

In religion the result was an increase in interest by large numbers of people who had previously allowed the clergy to think act and pray for them. The plague lead to the decline in authority of the Catholic Church, but this was largely due to an increase in interest in protestant or heretical teachings, and the amount of activity in the Church increased.

The impact on art was predictable. Both visual and literary arts used the plague as an important source of ideas for work.

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It is believed that the black death had it's greatest impact in China and the populated centers in Eurasia. At the time that the plague broke out, China (Chinese dynasty at the time) was a superpower with the world's largest navy and largest fleet of seagoing vessels. These Chinese vessels are believed to have been original carriers of the fleas that spread the disease. This means that the black death possibly had it's most devastating effects on the Chinese population during that time because so many people lived near populated cities where these ships would come and go.

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The Black Death had a major in pact on Europe and surrounding nations. With the plague people began to question the power of the Catholic Church would led to the Religious reform during the Renaissance. The Plague also developed a new sense of power to peasant's. One of the more major problems that came out of of the plague was the decrease in population. Once the plague occurred first the disease became more common.

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It started in China and then spread to Europe through the trade routes and ships that carried the rats that had the fleas with the disease.

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Q: What was the impact of the black death?
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What impact did the black death have on eroupe?

it had an impact on the population growth

What impact did the black death have on the English economy?

black death killed 30-60% of population. It destroyed the economy.

What impact did the Black Death have on regions life?

Black Death caused people to lose faith in go. they lost faith in church.

What had more impact the black death or the Protestant Reformation?

they were around the same

How did population density in Europe impact the spread of the black death?

Black Death killed 75 to 200 million people. Around 30-60% or total population.

How did the plague impact?

the Black Death killed 75 to 200 million people. It spread very quickly.

Where did the black death have the most impact?

Specifically the poor side of towns.

What were the death rates of the Black Death plaque in Europe as a whole?

The Black Death pandemic in Europe during the 14th century is estimated to have resulted in a death rate of approximately 30-50% of the population. This devastating plague caused widespread death and had a profound impact on European society and the economy.

What impact did the plague have on Europeans sociallyeconomically and culturally?

Black Death caused many rebellions. It changed economy and social system.

What impact will the plague have on the decline of feudalism?

Black Death caused people to loose faith. Thus it resulted in revolts against feudalism.

What do you think about the impact of the black death?

I think that everyone dies at some stage, and one plague is very much like another.

What impact did the plague have on the overall population of European countries?

the Black Death was very deadly. it killed 75 to 200 million people.