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George McGill patented the first modern stapler in 1866. It was based on designs from King Louis XV royal paper fasteners in the 18th century.

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Who invented the stapler and when?

Samuel Slocum invented the stapler in 1841

When was electric stapler invented?


How was the stapler invented?

The stapler was invented out of necessity. People had many different papers that they were constantly losing track of and needed something to keep them together.

Who was the stapler invented for?

Louis XV of France

Who invented the staple?

george w. mgill invented the staple and stapler

When was the stapler invented?

1841 by Samuel Slocum.or 1866 by George W. McGill is this answer really true????????????????????? and the stapler was invented in France and made by wire of .017

Who invented the stapler remover?

The original design for the stapler remover was invented by William G. Pankonin, but there was also a later design by Joseph A. Foitle, which is not as widespread.

Where was the stapler invented?

The first known stapler was made in France for King Louis XV in the 1700's.

What state was the stapler was invented?

The stapler has been around for quite a long time now. In the related links box below, I posted the wikipidia article on the stapler.

Why was the stapler invented?

A simple reason for the invention of the stapler would be to ease our work and keeping all the documents together. It was invented when a lot of paperwork started taking pace and need to keep them together increased. King Louis XV invented the first stapler in 18th century.

Where was the first stapler invented?

The first known stapler was handmade in the 18th century in France for King Louis XV.

What did people do before the stapler was invented?

i dont know, you tell me...........

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What is the weight of a stapler?

The weight of a stapler can vary from a few ounces for a small stapler to 5 pounds or more for a electrically powered stapler.

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In the 1860's brass wire staples were made, and the machine to dispenser them was made in 1866

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