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What was the line in France bypassed by the Germans?


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Maginot Line


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The Maginot Line was built by the French in the 1930's to provide a physical barrier between Germany and France. Unfortunately for the French, when the Germans attacked France in May 1940, they bypassed the Maginot Line and attacked in mass in the Ardennes Forest. That shocked the French and led to their quick defeat the following month.

germans are from germany not france

The idea was the the Marginol line would stop the Germans. The Germans counted on the French not leaving their positions along the line, so the Germans came across the Ardennes with tanks and crossed the Meuse River into France.

Several reasons.French defences relied heavily on the Maginot line, which was fortified on the German border, but not the Belgian border. The Germans simply bypassed it by going through Belgium.The French viewed armour as an infantry support tool, and, even though they had more powerful tanks than the Germans, the French tanks were deployed piecemeal against massive German armoured formationsGerman propaganda had created a large base of sympathisers in FranceThe Germans were able to establish air superiority over France throughout the duration of the invasion

At the 5th century Germans conquered France. Germans are the oldest population.

During WWII, the demarcation line (or green line, as it was drawed in green on the map), was the limit between the northern and western part of France, occupied by German troops, and the "free zone" which was not occupied. The demarcation line disappeared in Nov. 1942 when the Germans decided to occupy all of France.

The Allies Bypassed the Atlantic to confront the Germans directly in Eourpe

France. This was a "false" line that was mistaken for a secure means to keep the Germans at arms length.

The Germans simply out-flanked the Maginot Line by invading France through Belgium.

In 1940, British soldiers were in France to try and stop the Germans invading. In 1944 they were in France to beat the Germans back.

France thought they learned from WW1, they thought that the Germans would come from the east so France made a barrier on the east to block the Germans. Then Germans surprised them when they came the same way they did in WW1. The Germans came from the north right behind them and made them surender.

How was Charles de Gaulle instrumental in defeating the Germans in France?

There was no Battle of France. The Germans invaded France (several times) and effectively took it over, if only temporarily.

The Germans initially bombed France to conquer the country. The Allied Forces were forced to bomb France to get rid of the Germans.

The "Battle of France" began May 10, 1940 and France surrendered on June 25; which is a total of 46 days.

Surrendering to Germans

The Germans did this in both world wars.

Excellent. As the Germans put it: "happy as God in France".

The Germans outflanked the fortifications .

Through the Low Countries of Belgium,the Netherlands and Holland around the end of the Maginot Line of defense in France in a lighting quick attack called a Blitzkreig.

The German invasion of France in 1939 . Answer: May, 1940.

Because they boarded the France and started to take over.

Yes Germans live in France. The percentage of ethnic Germans living in the Elsace Region and The Moseele Departement, is sufficient for the German language to be given official status as a regional language.

In WW2 the Germans invaded Belgium to prepare an easy route for the invasion of France.

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