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to be able to zoom on the moon and to get around faster

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Q: What was the main purpose of the moon buggy?
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What is a moon buggy made of?

a moon buggy is made out of all sort of stuff.

How fast moon buggy go?

the moon buggy averages about 10 miles per hour

What is another word for moon buggy?

The official name of the moon buggy was the Lunar Rover Vehicle, or LRV.

What is the weight of a moon buggy on the moon?

106 kilogrames on the moon.

What is a moon buggy also called?

a moon rover

The first survey of the moon by a car called moon buggy was made during the space mission?

The first moon buggy was used by Apollo 15.

What did they call the dune-buggy that was used on the moon called?

It was called the Lunar buggy.

How big is a moon buggy?


What was the name of the first space buggy to go into space?

it was called moon buggy. no joke

What did you do on the moon?

play some golf and walked and went on a moon buggy

What year was the moon buggy invented?


What jobs does a moon buggy have?

feeding your mom