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To learn the meaning of the end of the movie, we must first analyze the very beginning of it. The start of the film is introduced with a monologue by Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) and in this monologue he expresses himself in regards to how he feels towards the people of the past--family and law enforcement--as well as the subtle hint that he is hesitant and uncomfortable being in a world that he does not understand.

From there, we can assume that the first dream (of him losing something valuable (money for example) that his father had given him) was about his acceptance into the world--a world that was far different from what he had hoped (and this can also be linked to the title; "No Country For Old Men") and this is hinted by him admitting that he lost said valuable.

The second dream is a little more subjective and it is entirely dependent on ones outlook on life ... but this is what I got from it. Riding along a mountain path with his father on a dark, sorrowful night--his father riding on ahead holding a horn with an ember inside it (to set up a campfire for the coming night). Therein, Sheriff Ed (Tommy Lee Jones) would obviously catch up to his father at one point or another--both travelling on the same mountain path (with no other way to go but forward). I believe that his father and the horn is symbolism of the inevitable fact of death--nothing in life is certain, and many things may change. The one thing that is certain, though, is death. Probably repeating myself; anything can happen whilst Ed is travelling the mountain pass, however he is guaranteed to reach his father eventually.

Extending a little--although off track--Ed is seen to be reluctant living in a country of which he has no control over. In contrast, though, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), is presented as having complete control over everything in his life (and this is hinted not-so-subtly when he is first introduced and he appears in the police station with the deputy. Moments after the deputy saying on the telephone that he 'has the situation under control', Chigurh makes his move and ... well ... we all know how that happened ... if not, go watch it!

All in all -- a great movie and one of my all-time favourites.


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