What was the missionaries goals?

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The main goal of a missionary is to spread the gospel of his or her religion, and persuade others to believe in it's doctrines and practices.

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Q: What was the missionaries goals?
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What were the goals of missions?

Missionaries helped create a better food supply.

What were goals of Catholic missionaries?

one goal was that they always wanted to worship

What were the goals of the missionaries who came to Nigeria in the late 1800s?

To convert the native people, the same reason why missionaries were established in the first place.

What was the primary goals of the Spanish missionaries?

It was to convert the Native Americans and to establish missions.

What were the goals of the missionaries who came to Nigeria in the late 1800's?

to take power

What were the goals of french colonization in North America?

Fur Trade, water trade route and missionaries.

What are some of the missionaries goals?

The goals of a missionary are to spread the LDS faith to people of all ages, countries and walks of life. They inspire you with the faith of the restored Church of Jesus christ.

What were the goals of the missionaries that came in to nigeria in the 1800's?

to spead the word of jesus in their culture lololololololol xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox love my jesus

What were two goals of christian missionaries?

1) Proclaim the message of Christ where it has not yet been preached. 2) Tend to the needs of the poor, sick, homeless, oppressed and afflicted.

Where did the tradition of missionaries wearing white begin?

Not all missionaries wear white. To which missionaries are you refering?

What are the missionaries that Mother Teresa established?

Mover theresa established the active and contemplative missionaries of charity sisters. The missionaries of charity brothers and lay missionaries of charity.

What was the religion of Spanish missionaries?

Depends on which missionaries in what era.

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