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Hunting, target shooting, informal plinking.

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Q: What was the model 14 used for?
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Wards rifle model 14-sd206a?

what caliber is the ward's western field model 14-SD206a

Do you have information on Sears Model 14 shotgun Model 583.1450?

The Model 14 was catloged in 1963 and 1964

Can you be a model at 14?


Who won Americas next top model cycle 14?

it was Krista who on americas nest top model cycle 14

What does the 3 stand for in the name Smith and Wesson model 14 38 special?

Third engineering change in the Model 14 line.

What is the value of a Parker Brothers western field model 14 shotgun?

My records indicate that a Western field model 14 shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by the Savage arms company,The Savage model 39A,or the Model 59A is the same firearm as the western field model 14.Most savage model shotguns of that vintage are worth between 130-200 dollars at most.

Can a smith and Wesson model 14-3 shoot P ammo?

1. It can, but, it is not advised. 2. It is stated by Smith and Wesson that the model 14-3, which is the third change of the model 14 can safely shoot plus P ammunition.

What model savage Stevens is a ranger 101-14?

i think it is a model 37

What is rem 30 cal pump rifle worth?

If it is the model 141 then in 90% condition it is worth about $300. If it is the model 14 then add $75 to it. If it is the model 141 then in 90% condition it is worth about $300. If it is the model 14 then add $75 to it.

When was Winchester M 14 serial number 1073983 made?

If you mean a Winchester model 1894 rifle then it was made in the year 1929.I will say that Winchester never has made a model 14 though.Could you mean a Remington model 14 pump action rifle?

Can I substitute 185 65r 14 with 185 70r 14 on a 2003 civic HX?

There is no Honda Civic HX model. The OEM size for this vehicle is 185/70-14 if it an LX model.

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What is the age of a 22 caliber RG Model 14 pistol?

your rg model 14 was manufactured in the 1960's.

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Is There A Taico-Squires Bingham Model 14 22LR?


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Model 59A WHAT?

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