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The T-34 with approximately 58,861 being produced during the war.

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What is the Mark 1 tank?

It was the first combat tank. Produced in World War 1 It was the first combat tank. Produced in World War 1

Does the Soviet T-54 55 hold the record for being the most produced tank in the world?

Some sources state that the T-54/55 is the most produced tank at about 100,000 units.

What was the most produced tank ever?

The most produced tank ever is the one the US Army currently still uses the M1 Abrams

New Technology developed during world war 1?

the first ever mass produced tank was developed and used near the end of WW1

Most produced tank?

The T-54/55

Which is the Most advanced tank in the world?

The most advanced tank in the world is the M1 Abrams Battle tank that is for the U.S.

How heavy was the first British World War 1 tank?

The British tank that was first produced in 1915 weighed 28 tons.

What was Americas answer for the panzer and blitzkrieg?

Their answer were the m3 lee tank and then the Sherman tanks. They constanty upgraded their tanks and they also mass produced them.

What tank is the most widely deployed and used tank in the world?


A water tank has a mass of 3.64kg when empty and a mass of 51.8kg when filled to a certain level What is the mass of the water in the tank?


What was the strongest tank?

The challenger 2 tank, invented by the British most avaced tank in the world

What is the most common tank the Soviets used in World War 2?

the T-34 tank.

Is the M1A2 Abrams the most advanced Tank in the world?

It is among the most advanced in production, though it's not the only such tank in existence.

The best tank used in World War 1?

French Renault model 1917. The US Army adapted the Renault as their first tank; and produced them under license.

What was the most popular weapon in world war 2?

the tank

Is the M1A1 Abrams the most advanced Tank in the world?

this answer is not ture for many reason one. the m1a1 is a out dated verison of the m1a2 and the most advanced tank in the world is the British Challenger 2

What nation led the world in tank production in 1944 during World War 2?

In 1944, the Soviet Union produced more tanks then any other nation. 29,000 tanks were produced in 1944 and Germany was a distant second with 17,800 tanks produced in that year.

What metric unit should she use to record the mass of the fish tank?

The mass of a fish tank should be measured in kilograms.

When was the M4a2 tank produced?

December of 1941

Where World War 2 tanks good?

Hundreds of different designs were built and fielded in WWII. Of that total, the best (meaning reliable, rugged, easily mass produced, easily maintained, and could go almost anywhere): 1. Soviet (Russian) BT tank; one of the fastest & earliest tanks ever made mounting a high velocity main gun. 2. Soviet (Russian) T34 medium tank; built upon lessons learned from the BT tank. 3. Japanese Type 95 light tank; first mass produced diesel light tank and the only enemy tank in history to have invaded North America. 4. M4 Sherman medium tank. Like the T34, rugged & dependable & easily mass produced & maintained. All other tanks were either experimental or field expedients until the tanks mentioned above came on line. The experimentals evolved into post WWII tanks...such as the M26 Pershing (90mm gun tank) which evolved into the M46 Patton, which evolved into the M47 Patton, which evolved into the M48 Patton, etc. etc. etc.

Compare to US and USSR tank in World War 2 which one is better?

The Soviet T-34 tank was the finest mass produced tank of WWII combining the virtues of speed, firepower and protection. German tanks were excellent machines, but often suffered because they were over engineered and underproduced. The single advantage that the US Sherman tank had was production volume. It lacked the protective armament to defend itself and its weapons were incapable of one shot kills.

What was the most made tank in the British army during World War 2?

The US built Sherman medium tank.

How do you measure water in a glass tank?

find the area of your glass tank then find the volume of your tank then multiply it by the density of water, that should give you mass, since density=mass/volume

What is the biggest tank in the world est tank in the world?

The biggest tank in the world would probably be the US M1A2 Abrams main battle tank.

Where is the fuel pump on a 2003 Xterra?

Most likely in the fuel tank Most likely in the fuel tank Most likely in the fuel tank Most likely in the fuel tank Most likely in the fuel tank