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A few major events occurred thanks to World War 2. A major cultural shift was the spotlight shed on women via Rosie the Riveter. As well, after World War 2, the US's economy was booming, due to the production of weaponry for the war bringing in a lot of revenue.

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What was a direct effect on America after world war 1?

it became recognised as one of the most significant powers, and participated in the Peace discussion.

What positive effects did cultural diffusion have on the ancient world?

it had no effect

What effect did sitting bull have on the world?

what effect did sitting bull have on America

โ€œ Which of these describes the effect of World War II on America โ€œ?

How did World War 2 effect different countries economy?

it realy affected countries economy it made countries like America control world economy and other countries like third world countries in abadfinancial and cultural condition

What is brave new world about?

If you mean the novel by Aldous Huxley, it is about cultural trends in America.

Why was Columbus' contact with America significant?

Because Columbus' voyage of finding the New World was an failed attempt so instead he found America (which was the New World) and it led to the permanent contact between America and that is why the contact is significant between the two.

How did world war 1 effect immigrants in America?


What countries have the most cultural diversity?

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, and United States are all prime examples of significant cultural diversity in the modern world.

How did America entering World War 2 effect the world?

It helped win the war

What was one major effect of World War 1 on Japan?

Japan began to be considered a significant world power - apex

Is a solar eclipse the end of the world?

No. Solar eclipses are a regular occurrence and have no significant effect on Earth.

What was the effect that dirigibles had in World War 1?

Airships were used to bomb cities such as London, although beyond their terror effect they did little significant damage, and did not hamper the Allies's war effort in any significant manner.

How was world war 2 significant to America?

It allowed America to show off its totally wreckin' guns and general badass-ness.

Where in the world is the Hindu religion?

Hindu is a religion inIndiaAmericaEnglandAlmost anywhere in the world, but there may not be significant amounts

How many cultural world heritage sites are there?

There are 832 cultural World Heritage sites in the world.

Why is World War 2 significant to the discussion of civil liberties?

America was seen as a defender of liberty.

Is Christopher Columbus a significant explorer?

Yes he is. He is credited with discovering the New World (North America).

How did World War 2 effect America?

it effected 69 people. lol

Which is a post-World War 1 American cultural trend of the 1920s?

A significant post-World War 1 American cultural trend of the 1920s was the prohibition of alcohol. The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution enforced a ban on the production and sale of alcoholic drinks.

Why was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand significant?

Basically, it is the event that triggered the domino effect toward World War 1.

How did world war 2 effect the business community of America?

Industry expanded greatly.

What is Latin America location on a world map?

It is a cultural region that roughly spans all countries south of the United States. These include Mexico, Central America, several islands in the Caribbean and South America.

What is the Russian cultural heritage site?

The Russian Federation has a number of culturally significant sites that are recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage ~ see related link below .

Why is the number 13 significant to Georgia?

Georgia was the 13th and last English colony in the New World (North America)

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