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Pickneys treaty with Spain

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Q: What was the most successful treaty signed under the Washington Administration?
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What country signed the Pinckney's Treaty with the U.S. during the Washington administration?

Spain France us

When was the Washington naval treaty signed?

In 1923 by Calvin Coolige.

NATO was established what date?

In April of 1949 with the Treaty of Washington.

Who signed the jay treaty?

George Washington for the U.S. and Great Britain

What was George Washington's most important event during their administration?

signing the Jay's treaty

When did George Washington sign jay's treaty?

He signed the Treaty in late August. I'm not sure on the exact date.

What treaties did George Washington sign?

George Washington signed one treaty while president of the United States. It was the Jay Treaty that resolved some of the remaining issues of the Revolutionary War.

What did the 1846 Treaty of Washington do?

Reference to a 1946 Washington Treaty cannot be found. Perhaps you are referring to the Oregon Treaty, which was signed in Washington, D.C. on June 15, 1846. The Treaty of Oregan ended the boundary dispute concerning the Oregon Country, which had been occupied by Britain and US since the Treaty of 1818.

Who signed the Four Power Pacific Treaty in 1921 in Washington DC?

all are correct

Where was signed the four power pacific treaty in 1921 in Washington?

all the answers are correct,(:

Where was the Antarctic treaty signed?

In Washington D.C on 1 December 1959. It came into affect in 1961

Why was the treaty of signed in Paris?

The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris because France created the treaty and it was signed in Paris.