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You may be thinking of Cloverfield.

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How does while the children sleep the movie end?

It end after abby dies and shows outside.

Who died while working at the steel mill in the movie Rudy?

It was Pete who dies while Rudy accidentally killing him in the steel mill

Which Pokemon died in Pokemon movie 8?

In the eighth Pokemon movie, "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" Lucario dies, sacrificing himself to save the Pokemon world.

In Dear John who dies?

John's Dad dies . In the book and the movie. But in the movie I guess Tim also dies .

Who dies in the movie 9?

5 dies,1 dies,6 dies,2 dies and 8 dies *_*

What movie and television projects has Martin Dies been in?

Martin Dies has: Played himself in "Committee on UnAmerican Activities" in 1962. Played himself in "Seeing Red" in 1983. Played Himself - Chairman of House Un-American Activities Committee in "Bogart: The Untold Story" in 1996. Played himself in "Assignment: Rescue" in 1997. Played himself in "The Tramp and the Dictator" in 2002.

Does megatron die in transformers?

First movie - Dies Second movie - He is resurrected, does not die Third movie - Dies

What position dies Ray Allen play?

Allen plays shooting guard.

If a players is fouled in the process of shooting what is the outcome?

he dies and gets eaten by Satan

How do you kill wilfre in drawn to life 2?

You have to keep shooting him until he dies.

Who dies in Dear John movie?

Tim dies .

What is the name of movie where a small girl dies while playing on a mine on the beach?

On the Beach, from the novel by Nevil Schute....

Does Harry Potter have to kill himself to kill Voldemort?

no. he almost dies, but then pretends to be dead while Voldemort tortures him and eventually kills Voldemort.

In the movie Keith does Keith dies?

Yes, he dies from cancer.

Who dies in the movie last song?

Ronnie's dad dies . - (-:

Who kills Crabbe?

Crabbe dies in a fire that he sets himself. He dies in the Room of Requirement...

Who dies in Moby Dick?

Pip dies first, he throws himself over board.

Dear John who dies?

John Tyree's father dies. Tim dies in the movie, but not in the book.

Who dies first in Moby Dick?

Pip dies first, he throws himself over board.

Are they changing how Voldemort dies in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

No, Voldemort dies how he dies in the book.

Where does the fourth naruto movie fit in with the episodes?

It might be at Naruto:Shippuden Episode 28 or before the show even starts.AnswerIt can't be before the show starts, seeing as Jiraiya dies at Shippuden Episode 133. And we know that Jiraiya is already dead in this movie because Naruto says so himself, while talking to Sara.

Who died in the movie outsiders first Johnny or dallas?

Johnny dies first, and then Dally killed himself because Johnny was the only person he really cared about.

Why is the original version of Love Never Dies different than the songs in the movie?

There is no movie of yet for Love Never Dies.

How mr Hyde dies?

From poison, he kills himself.

Who dies in the end of The Last Olympian?

luke the betrayer dies because he kills himself to kill kronos

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