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Q: What was the music that was played for the Winn Dixie's beef people commercial?
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What music is being played in the Ford Fusion commercial?

Elegia is the music that is usually played in the Ford Fusion commercial.

What is the piano music that plays in the Expedia Safari commercial?

What is the name of the piano music played in the Expedia-Safari Television Commercial

What is the music played in the xfinity commercial?

Mozart's Requiem

What is the music played in the Align commercial?

Your mom moaning by me and your mom.

What music is being played in the Ford commercial?

The background music in the Ford commericial is the song 'Let Go', which is country music.

What is the music played in 'The Soloist' movie commercial?

It's "Human", by The Killers.

What is the classical music played in the US Cellular commercial?

Moonlight Sonata

What is the classical music played in the 2012 GMC Sierra commercial?

Pachelbel's Canon.

What music is played for cialis commercial?

There is a new one that has a musical version of Coldplay's "Lost!".

What is the name of power horse commercial music the runner in the desert?

The music in the power horse commercial was created by a commercial music company. It was created for the Pristiq commercial.

Who played the gamelan music?

The people of Bali and Java originally played the gamelan music.

What song is the background music played for the Beats Audio headphones and HP commercial?

Your Mom by sgjhh

What is the music played during the 2009 syfy commercial in which the flowers morph into windmills?

Goldfrapp Happiness

What bands music is being played in the Honda odyssey van commercial?

Electric eye by Helloween

What is the song that is played during the Sleuth commercial?

The newest Sleuth commercial that says "get your hands up" is from a commercial music library. It's called "Hands Up" on the album "Vocal Cutz 2".

What is the name of the song played in the commercial of One Tree Hill season 4?

The song played on the commercial is the theme song called "I Don't Want To Be" and performed by Gavin DeGraw. One Tree Hill is famous for its music, and all of the songs featured on the show can be found online at OTH-music.

Why young people like music played louder than elders?

because in there time there was no music so they do not have a habit of this that is why young people like music being played more louder than elders

Who is girl in Kenmore refrigerator commercial?

Cameron Richardson.. she recently played in Luke Bryan's latest music videos..

What is the song played in Oscar commercial on fox movies middle east?

Future World Music - "A Prayer for Humanity"

What is the classical music played on the Chrysler town and country commercial?

J. Ralph - One Million Miles Away

What piece of jazz music is in the AARP commercial with the barber?

It's an original piece of music for the commercial.

What is the music in the new Bell Canada commercial?

For the "Laundromat" commercial the music is "A Girl Like You" by the Troggs.

What is the phone commercial where the guy is talking about traveling to places for people to help with their music sounds and the commercial ends with a 5 second clip of a rave?


Why is rock music played?

For people, dumb people to hear junk

What is the background music in the discount tire commercial?

Which Commercial?