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What was the name of George Lopez last tour?

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I believe it's George Lopez: Tall, Dark and Chicano

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What is the name of Michael Jackson's last tour?

His last tour that he actually got to do was the HIStory World Tour in 1996, if he was alive This Is It would have been the last one.

Is enrique iglesia on tour?

Yes Enrique Iglesias is on tour with Jennifer Lopez

What is George Lopez salary?

it says in his official page that he was pay 12$millions per years for his show and 8.5$millions on tour for his comedy show!!

What is tour name?

The last Jonas Brothers tour was called the Jonas Brothers Live Tour. It accompanied the release of their album V.

Is Nickelback on tour?

Yes, Nickelback is on tour now. It is called the Here and Now Tour in support of their last album with the same name.

When is the next Michael Jackson tour?

"This is it" was the name of his last tour that he never got to do because he died before then. == ==

What is Athene's last name?

his name is Bachir Boumaaza so answer tour question is Boumaaza

Is Avenged Sevenfold on their last tour?

No, they are not on their last tour. Their next tour is going to be the Buried Alive tour. And that's not going to be their last one.

What was the last tour blessthefall did?

The Last Tour Was to New Zealand & Australia

What is one of the sports Nancy Lopez plays?

Nancy Lopez is a professional golfer. Her first full season on the LPGA Tour was in 1978.

Will Paul McCartney have another tour?

This will be his last tour

Where did Sade tour in 2008?

She didn't. her last tour was in 2000. Her next tour is in 2011.

Is the Jonas brothers Last recent concert called Burning up concert tour?

The last concert tour was called the Burning up tour, and the next one is the world tour. =].

When was The Grand Tour - George Jones album - created?

The Grand Tour - George Jones album - was created in 1974-08.

What is the name of Jonas brothers' tour bus?

They don't name their tour buses. They don't name their tour buses.

When was the last tour for the Jonas brothers?

Their When You Look Me In The Eyes Tour, they are currently on their Burning Up tour

Why was the Beatles last live performance in Candlestick Park in San Francisco?

It was the last booking for the tour. The Beatles had privately agreed that it would be their last tour.

What is the name of Ronnie winters wife?

Staci. Not sure if she took his last name. But, they got married during the Vans Warped Tour of '07.

Is Rihanna on tour?

Yes of 2010 Rihanna is on tour. The tour is called "Last Girl On Earth"and the album!!! : )

Why did Jennifer Lopez leave American idol?

She has a world tour to attend. We all knew this would happen.

Who was The last french winner of the tour de France?

Bernard Hinault was the last French cyclist to win the Tour de France. He won a total of 5 Tour de Frances, the last one being in 1985.

Where was honor society's last tour?

Honor Society's most recent tour was the "Here Comes Trouble" Tour.

What do pga tour pros luke Donald and Omar uresti have in common?

They both have four letters in their first name and six letters in their last name.

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