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His name is Nelson.

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What is the name of the horse in the george washingtons painting?

the name is nelson

What was the name of George Washingtons favorite horse?

Horse Isle answer--> Nelson <-- From Dreygon Roan server.

What was George Washingtons brothers name?

George washingtons brithers name was Lawrence

Is George Washingtons horse still alive?


What is washingtons first name?


What general spoke at george washingtons funeral?

Henry "Light Horse" Lee

What was george washingtons dads name?


What was George Washingtons name before it was changed?

George Washington's name was NEVER changed.

How did the George Washington bridge get its name?

it because of george washingtons dinity

Whats george washingtons dads name?


Who adorns george Washingtons name?

Martha Washington

What was george washingtons wifes madien name?


What is george Washingtons dads name is?

John Washington.

What is George Washingtons nick name?

his nik name was father of his country

What is George Washingtons mom's last name?

Her maiden name was Ball.

What was George Washingtons grandmothers maiden name?

bennett was her maiden name!

What were George Washingtons downfalls?

george washingtons downfalls were his temper

The name of george Washingtons wife?

Martha Custis Washington

What was george Washingtons moms name?

Mary Ball Washington

What was George washingtons mothers name?

Mary Ball Washington

What was the name of George Washingtons wife?

Martha dandridge custis

Who was George Washingtons moms name?

Mary Ball Washington

What it George Washingtons name?

No one knows. However experts in Washington DC suspect his name was George Washington.

What was George Washingtons jobs?

George Washingtons jobs were a farmer and he served in the military

What was George Washingtons responsibilities as president?

george washingtons responsibilitie is to run the state.

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