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It is called the Orca. You can see it in the movie and it is in the Jaws Universal studios ride in California.

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The name of Quint's boat is Orca. (Quint is the "shark hunter" played by Robert Shaw in the 1975 film).

Just One- Quint's Boat the Orca Get More info with this question- What was the name of Quint's boat?

It belonged to a friend of mine. This guy who knew my friend heard that they were looking for a boat for this movie jaws. My friend's boat was for sale. Steven spielberg and co. Went to look at his boat and they boughy it. Jack

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Ellen Brody. She rammed it with a boat and impaled it

it dosnt really have a name but some people call the shark jaws

Balsac the Jaws of Death's birth name is Michael Derks.

Pike ,Jaws, Cruncher, and DreamerPike ,Jaws, Cruncher, and DreamerPike ,Jaws, Cruncher, and Dreamer

I don't think made it......No answers on anything >.

one of the orca boats used in the movie is still in martha's vineyard. it is not in the best of shape. you can google orca/ jaws for pic's..

there are many but the most famous is....Brody: Were going to need a bigger boat.if you ever hear that you willl always remember jaws

It means your going to need a bigger boat. (Jaws)

Yes the boat sank and Quint fell and the shark got him.

Quints - 2000 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G USA:TV-G

Anna Patricia or Victoria Isabella Nathan Mathew

There was Jaws, where two guys (Brody and Quint) are on a boat, and Quint is bitten and dies.

The fisherman who let the scientists and Rob Schnider use his boat.

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