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Q: What was the name of the American strategy for defeating the Japanese in the Pacific?
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The offensive strategy of American admirals to beat the Japanese in pacific was called?

island hopping

What was the US strategy in the pacific in opposition to the Japanese was known as?

During World War II, the American strategy in the Pacific against the Japanese became known as 'island-hopping.' Through this approach to defeating their enemy, the U.S. military by-passed (or, hopped over) Japanese strong-points for the sake of securing selected islands elsewhere. These islands, once occupied, would then serve as forward bases for the next 'hop' forward -- closer to Japan itself.

What strategy did the General MacArthur use to fight the Japanese in the pacific?

i believe it was the island hopping strategy

What strategy did the United states use in fighting the Japanese in the pacific?

island hopping

What key strategy was used by the US against the Japanese in the Pacific in order to retake territory?

The strategy was known as island hopping.

Why did Japanese plan on attacking the aleutian islands?

The Japanese planned on attacking the Aleutian Islands to combat the "island hopping" strategy that Douglas MacArthur was using in the Pacific Ocean.

What was the nickname of the Allies strategy for dealing with the Japanese in the Pacific?

Island hopping- they "hopped" island to island clearing out the Japanese forces as they went

What is the main war strategy that Roosevelt and Churchchill first agreed on?

To concentrate on fighting the Japanese in the Pacific

Why did the US use island hopping strategy used in the Pacific?

to move closer to the Japanese mainland

What do you called when Japanese and Japanese American were removed from the pacific coast?

They were interned in internment camps.

What important strategy was used by the American forces in the Pacific?

Island hopping, also called leapfrogging, was an important military strategy in the Pacific Theater of World War II. The strategy was to bypass heavily fortified Japanese positions and instead concentrate the limited Allied resources on strategically important islands that were not well defended but capable of supporting the drive to the main islands of Japan

What is the name of the war that guided American strategy in the pacific campaign?

War Plan Orange