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Q: What was the name of the book that was written about Rosa parks?
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Related questions

Rosa parks uncle name?

Rosa Parks uncles name was Robert McCauley. I found this answer in the book: My story Rosa Parks, by Rosa Parks

What is Rosa Parks' birth name?

Rosa Parks' birth name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

Who is Rosa Parks' God Daughter?

Her name is Aisha. She is currently working on a book dedicated to the lessons she learned from her God Mother Rosa Parks.

What is Rosa parks real name?

Rosa Parks real name is Rosa Louise McCauley

What is the birth name of Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks's birth name is Rosa Louise McCauley.

Does Rosa parks have a husband if yes What is his name?

yes Rosa parks has a husband and his name is Raymond parks.

Rosa Parks middle name?

Rosa Parks middle name is: Louise

What was Rosa Parks last name?

Rosa Parks' last name for most of her life was Parks. (Her maiden name was McCauley.)

What is Rosa Parks spouse's name?

Rosa Parks was married to Raymond Parks.

What was the name of Rosa Parks' husband?

Rosa Parks husband was Raymond Parks.

Why was Rosa Parks named Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley on February 4, 1913; her parents' last name was McCauley, and they chose the name Rosa Louise for unknown reasons. She married Raymond Parks, a barber from Montgomery, in 1932, and took his last name. After the wedding, her legal name became Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, but most people know her only as Rosa Parks.

What was Rosa Parks' birth name?

Rosa Parks' birth name (until her marriage to Raymond Parks) was Rosa Louise McCauley.

Names of Rosa Parks family?

what is rosa parks name

What was Rosa parks husband's name?

Rosa parks husbands name was Raymond parks he died in august 16,1977

What was Rosa Parks sons name?

jhon parks is Rosa parks son who was killed

Is there a song about Rosa Parks?

Yes. There is a song written by OutKast named "Rosa Parks." However in 1999, Rosa Parks sued OutKast and LaFaced Records. She claimed the song misappropiated Parks' name and that she didn't like the vulgar language.

What is Rosa parks's child's name?

Rosa Parks never had a kid!

What was Rosa Parks' middle name?

Rosa Parks' middle name was Louise.

What was Rosa Parks Mothers maiden name?

Rosa Parks mother's maiden name was McCauley.

What is Rosa Parks's birth name?

Rosa Parks' birth name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.

What was Rosa Parks' full name?

Rosa Parks' full name was Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005. She is buried between her husband and mother at Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery.

Was Rosa Parks name always Rosa Parks?

No, it wasn't. She was born Rosa Louise McCauley. In 1932, she married a man named Raymond Parks. When she married Raymond, she changed her last name to Parks.

Rosa parks kids name?

Rosa and Raymond Parks never did have children.

What was the name of Rosa parks job?

the name of Rosa Parks job is called the Montgomery Fair Store

What was Rosa Parks street name?

Rosa Parks street name was 12th street in Detroit, Michigan