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The name of the first helicopter was called kiteoki(meaning an air transport)founded by an African mythologist by the name NKOANA KHUTSO.The first helicopter he created reached an approximate speed of 80 knots per minute.

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A fast aeroplane will be faster than any helicopter, but a fast helicopter can be faster than a slow aeroplane.

Depends on the purpose and make of the helicopter.

A typical medivac helicopter flies about 160 knots.

It can fly at 224 kmh - approximately 130 mph.

The Chinook can fly at about 195 mph.

Igor never flew a helicopter, but he did build one though.

quite fast, there is more drag from the fuselage going side ways and it would be less stable

a bee moves by flapping its dead wing fast to fly which acts like a helicopter!

the German Focke-Wulf Fw 61 was the First long range Helicopter which could fly about 5 Kilimetres but it had no guns the first Helicopter you could shoot from was the Russian S-47 it was the first 2 seated helicopter and Y32 was the first to use rockets

Igor Sikorsky invented the first practical helicopter.

It was 36 years between the first airplane flight and the first helicopter flight. The Wrights flew in 1903, Sikorsky flew his first helicopter in 1939.

Read the instructions, or search the company's name on Google.

yes but you have to do a few things to get a pilot license first.

first you charge the helicopter then you get the remote and move up the right stick, the left stick is to turn.

How far can helicopter fly on a one tank of gas

The answer to this is not as clear as you'd think.... They certainly can not invert and fly along. However certain designs can do rolls where the helicopter momentarily inverts. One of the first helicopters to acheive this was the Lynx.

The fastest are attack helicopters like Apache, they mostly fly about 230 -250 mph.

Google " Sikorsky VS300 " and you will find a pic of it

Da vinci is thought to have had the 1st ideas and detailed designs for the helicopter.. Sikorski was one of the 1st to get 1 to fly..

It depends on the type of helicopter and the manufacture

The first piloted helicopter was invented by Paul Cornu in 1907 and it was not successful. One of the first successful helicopters was built by Etienne Oehmichen in 1924 and flew for 1 kilometer.

No. The Wright brothers achieved flight before Igor Sikorsky created the first workable helicopter. There would have been no toy helicopter.

A helicopter can only fly in an atmosphere, where there is something for the rotors to push against. There's no atmosphere on the moon, so a helicopter can't fly there.

It depends what you mean by the term 'ultralight' ! If you mean a scale model of a helicopter that you fly by remote control - no. If you mean a full-size helicopter you actually sit in to fly - yes.