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the sportanieos telephone

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Q: What was the name of the first telephone?
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What was the name of the very first telephone?

The very first telephone, also commonly is known as a children's toy, is a tin can telephone.

Where is the telephone first establishWhat is the name of this town in India?

The telephone was invented in America, not in India.

What is the first name of the inventor of the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell is accredited with inventing the telephone.

What is the name of the first telephone introduced in India?

An iPhone

Is Jada Smith or Will Smith name on the telephone?

yes and no cause Jada didn't want her name on the telephone but Will did, so he just got his first name and everybody last name

What is the name of the first telephone?

When the telephone was being discovered and two tin cans were used, they were referred to as lovers phone. When the telephone transmitted sounds, it was referred to as the gallows phone.

How would a name be listed in a telephone directory?

A telephone directory must be alphabetized. So names are alphabetized and arranged in this order:Last nameFirst Name or InitialMiddle Initial, if known

What is the nepali name of telephone?


What was the color of the very first telephone?

the first telephone was black

Which was invented first the television or the telephone?

The telephone was invented first.

When did England first get telephone?

they first had the first operating english telephone in 2011.

What was the first telephone called?

the telephone

What was the first telephone named?


How old is the first telephone?

The first telephone was created in 1861 by Phillip Reis. That means the first telephone is 148 years old.

Where was the first telephone created at?

The first telephone was created at Massachusetts in 1876. Alexander Graham Bell said that the first telephone was born there.

Who created the first telephone?

kimisha harris created the first telephone

Which came first the computer or the telephone?

what created first telephone or computer

Was Bell the first to invent a telephone?

Yes, he made the first telephone.

Why is Maryland's nick name Old Line State?

Because they had the first telephone pole

How much did a telephone cost in 1876?

The first telephone cost around $20.00

What was invented first the television or the telephone?


When did people begin to use the first telephone?

The telephone was first used in 1900.

What is the name of the creator or inventor on telephone?

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell is the first inventor of the first telephone.This is my complete sentences

Which president was the first to use a telephone?

Rutherford Hayes was the first president to use a telephone. He also had the first telephone installed in the telegraph room of the White House.

What did the first telephone replace?

The telephone replaced the telegraph.