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Hoss Cartwright's horse was named Chub.

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What was hoss cartwright horses name?

Hoss Cartwright horse's name was Chub. Ben's horse was Buck, Little Joe's horse was Cochise, and Adam's horse was Sport.

What was the name of the actor that played Hoss Cartwright?

The actor's name was Dan Blocker. He played Hoss Cartwright on the western TV show Bonanza for almost 20 years until his death from heart failure.

What was the name of Joe Cartwright Horse on Bonanza?

Sport was the name of his second horse

Who played borneanaz son and what is his name?

On the TV series Bonanza the three sons of father Ben Cartwright were Adam Cartwright , Eric "Hoss" Cartwright and "Little" Joe - Joseph Cartwright .

Did hoss cartwright have any children?

Hoss Cartwright was the name of a fictional character on the TV show Bonanza. Hoss was not married and did not have children. He was played by actor Dan Blocker who along with his wife Dolphia, had 4 children. Their names are Debra, Dana, David, and Dirk.

What was the name of Eric Cartwright's horse on Bonanza?

Eric "Hoss" Cartwright's horse's name was Chub.

Why was Hoss named Hoss?

I suppose because Eric Cartwright was as 'big as a horse' ; RIP Mr. Dan Blocker . In the Bonanza episode "Journey Remembered", Ben Cartwright's second wife, Inger, gave birth to Eric "Hoss" Cartwright. His older brother wanted to name him Hoss, Inger wanted to name him Eric after his grandfather. Inger stated among mountain people Haus or Hoss meant big friendly man. Ben told Adam, "We'll give him both names and see which one sticks. Inger died in an Indian attack shortly after Hoss was born.

What was the name of the show about hoss and the lepacons?

The title of that Bonanza episode was "Hoss and the Leprechauns".

What was the name of hoss on bonanza?

Hoss's given name was Eric. Hoss was played by the late Dan Blocker.

What was the name of Joe Cartwright's horse on Bonanza?

The beautiful Paint Little Joe Cartwright rod was named Cochise.

What was the name of the Bonanza show about Hoss and the Leprachans?

'Hoss and the Leprechauns, season 5, episode 12.

On Bonanza what was Ben's brother's name?

His name was John Cartwright.

What is the fathers name on Bonanza?

Benjamin Cartwright, patriarch of the Ponderosa.

What was the father's name on Bonanza?

The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.

What was the name of Micheal landons character on bonanza?

Little Joe Cartwright. And it's Michael, not Micheal.

On the bonanza series was hoss's first name ever used?

Hoss' name was Eric. I dont believe it was ever used on the show.

How did Corey from Pawn Stars get the name Big Hoss?

I think that Rick, Corey's father, watched Bonanza on tv in which the son of Lorne Greene was Big Hoss. That is where the nickname came from. Big Hoss is really Richard Harrison III!

What was the name Joe Cartwright horse?

Little Joe's horse was named Cochise.

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