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The Round Up. Its not there anymore but its at Idlewild. Exept, the floor doesnt drop anymore.

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Q: What was the name of the ride at kennywood where the floor dropped?
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What is the Biggest Ride in Kennywood Amusement Park?

The Pittfall is a free fall ride, with a 251 ft. drop.

How tall do you have to be to ride the thunderbolt at kennywood park?

You have to be 52" or taller to

What are the height limitations for phantoms revenge at Kennywood?

You must be 48 inches tall to ride. (4'0)

How much does a ticket cost for 1 person to go to Kennywood?

The basic cost of the FunDay (ride-all-day) pass is $35.99.

What is oldest water park?

Oldest Operating Water Ride - The Old Mill, Kennywood, West Mifflin, PA - built 1901 and rebuilt in 1926

How many more rides is kennywood going to make?

i don't know much about kennywood i went September 19th 09 and it rocked my world but yah there will be only one new ride that's sippost to come in 2010 season it's a new stell fast coster i don't know the name yet.

What was the name of that carnival ride where you stand in the cylinder and it spins and the floor drops and you stick to the wall?

Zero gravity

Is the pittfall at kennywood safe?

I am not really sure, I rode it once and When i was at the top of the ride awaiting the fall i noticed a stuck car becide the one i was in. it took the car i was in an unsually long time to drop but i was safe, i am pretty sure kennywood is going to sell the pitt fall. i have heard numerous reports about the pittfall breaking down alot, so i would be careful. hope this helped ~kimi :)

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