What was the new territory called that was made by the slavic people north of kiev?

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Kyivska Rus
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Which new country was created as a south slavic state?

The new country that was created as a south Slavic state wasYugoslavia. Yugoslavia consists of 6 Socialist Republics: Bosnia,Herzegovinia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Why is Northern Territory called a territory?

The Northern Territory is one of two mainland Australian territories, and not a state. At Federation, the Northern Territory did not yet exist. From 1825 to 1863, the Northern Territory was part of New South Wales, and from 1863 to 1911 it was part of South Australia. This resulted from the successf ( Full Answer )

What do the indigenous people call New Zealand?

Maori (the native people of New Zealand), call the country Aotearoa, which means land of the long white cloud. The Maori call New Zealand "Aotearoa". This translates to "The land of the long white cloud". Many other New Zealanders also refer to their country as New Zealand or Aotearoa interchangeabl ( Full Answer )

What territory is north of Alberta?

Both the Yukon Territory( in the west ) and the Northwest Territories ( in the East ) share their border with Alberta.

What are people from New Zealand called?

New Zealanders. People from New Zealand are Maori or Pakeha(non-Maori). Maori can be also be called Tangata Whenua and Pakehapeople might also be called kiwi. New Zealanders. New Zealanders. The indidenous people are called 'Maori', and non-indigenous people are 'Pakeha'.People from New Zealand are ( Full Answer )

How far is Kiev from New Orleans?

About 5800 miles. But I don't think there are any direct fliights, and if you have to change then your trip will be longer.

What are the people of New Zealand called?

The indigenous people of New Zealand are called Maori and the non-indigenous people are called Pakeha (some Pakeha call themselves 'kiwis') and all the people are called New Zealanders.

Why are they called chicken kiev?

This is a deboned and flattened chicken or pheasant breast that is rolled around a chilled piece of herb/garlic butter, breaded and then fried. It is said that New York restaurants named it Kiev to attract Russian immigrants to ordering what was previously known as Chicken supreme .

What European country settled by Slavic people?

Slavic people live in Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Georgia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldavia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, and many more.

What is the size of the North West Territories?

The land mass of the Northwest Territories is 1,171,918 square kilometres.. Click on the link below for more information about Canada's Northwest Territories.

Who is in charge of North Pole or if not is it a territory of what?

The North Pole is not owned by anyone. Since it is water, there is not much into it. There was an agreement that that place was going to be a place where no one could drop their waste on, it was only for doing research. Many countries does have bases on it, though. I do not know all the bases and wh ( Full Answer )

What borders the north west territories?

Looking at a map of Canada, you'd find the Yukon on the west, Nunavut on the east, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan on the south (and Manitoba in the southeast corner), and the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean to the north.

A new figure made after a transformation is called?

In mathematical terms, the figure that is made after atransformation is what is known as an image. Prior to the chance,the figure is called the pre-image. Changing into an image can takeplace after four types of mathematical transformations:translation, reflection, rotation and dilation.

What do southerners call people from the north?

Some southerners from the US call people from the north Northerners while there are some that call them Yankees . Others simply call them by their first name.

Was North Dakota a territory?

not by itself... The Dakota Territory covered what is now both North Dakota andSouth Dakota. It went straight from being one territory to beingtwo states. Those are the only two U.S. states that received theirstatehood on the same day (November 2, 1889).

What are people called from New Jersey?

Snooki's. Relatives are also known as Mike the Situation, DJ Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammi, Jwow and Deena. They live by the Jersey Shore, in New Jersey.

Do slavic people live in yugosalvia?

the name implies it idiot. almost all yugoSLAVS are of slavic decent (exept some macedonians and albanians in kosovo and montenegro).

Why was kiev called the third Roman empire?

First of all, theterm was not Third Roman Empire. It was the ThirdRome . Secondly, this term was not applied to the KievanRus. It was applied to the Grand Principality ofMoscow (or Muscovy ) in the time of IvanIII Vasilyevich, the Grand Price of Moscow and "Grand Prince of allRus." The term Thi ( Full Answer )

Why do they call the people of new zealand kiwi?

The name derives from the kiwi , a flightless bird , which is native to, and a national symbol of, New Zealand. It was first used by the military since the Regimental Signs for all New Zealand regiments feature the kiwi. although some pakeha (non-Maori) might call themselves 'kiwi', Maori do not ( Full Answer )

Why did the byzantines consider the slavic people as barbarians?

They were a migrating group of tribes originating from the cold steppes of Ukraine and Russia, moving downward and settled around the 7th century. Other groups of people were living in southern europe such as romans, illyrians, hellens and hispania and thus seeing them as barbaric invaders. The Byza ( Full Answer )

What are the north Canada's people called?

All of the aboriginal people of Canada are referred to as First Nations peoples. Northern aboriginal people are known as Inuit. Canada's north is split into 3 territories (like provinces or states) people are also referred to by which territory they reside in.

Why does Russia have many non - Slavic peoples?

To answer this question easily... I would have say: After centuries of war, persecution, plague and famine in Europe all the way from the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages has kept people moving East... toward where they thought it would be either better and safer to live ...for both themselves and th ( Full Answer )

Was the new world new to all people in north America?

Clearly the Western Hemisphere called the "New World" had been occupied by Native American Tribes and civilizations for thousands of years before Europeans began to make settlements in the Western Hemisphere. Scientists believe that thousands of years ago peoples from Asia had crossed into North Am ( Full Answer )

What European country claimed territory north of the new England?

Early European possessions in North America included SpanishFlorida, Spanish New Mexico, the English colonies of Virginia (withits North Atlantic off-shoot, Bermuda) and New England, the Frenchcolonies of Acadia and Canada, the Swedish colony of New Sweden,and the Dutch New Netherland.

Which nation wanted to unite Slavic people in the Balkans?

Before WW1, Pan-Slavism was an ambition of the Russian Empire. Theidea was of course that all Slavs should be united under Russianleadership. At the time and after WW2, the Serbs entertained dreamsof Pan-Slavism as well. That ended with the war in Yugoslavia inthe 1990's, the defeat of the Serbs and ( Full Answer )

What are the people at the North Pole called?

There are no permanent inhabitants of the geographic North Pole,which is located in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean. The closestpopulated areas are the Inuit settlements of Nunavut, Canada, whichincludes the hamlets of Resolute and Grise Fiord on EllesmereIsland. The Danish military also maintains a pe ( Full Answer )