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'Best of my Love' by the Emotions

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Q: What was the number one single in the charts for the week of August 23 1977?
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What was the number 1 hit in 1977?

The only AC DC single to chart in 1977 was love at first feel that reached no.31 in the Australian charts.

What was the number one single on the charts for the week of October 20 1977?

On the U.S. Billboard Charts: Debby Boone - You Light Up My Life On the U.K. Billboard Charts: David Soul - Silver Lady

Who sings American girl?

its the second single from Tom Petty, failed to reach to US charts but made the top 40 in England August 1977

What was the UK number 1 hit single on 11th August 1977?

donna summer, i feel love

What was Number one in the charts on 13th June 1977?

For the week of June 12 to 18 of 1977 the number one song was Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

What was number 1 song in the charts on 10th September 1977?

"Best Of My Love" by the Emotions was the number 1 hit song on September 10, 1977.

What was number one on the billboard charts in 1977?

You Light Up My Life-Debby Boone

What was the number one song on may 26th 1977?

On May 26th 1977, Stevie Wonders 'Sir Duke' topped the charts.

What song was number one in the charts in Ireland on 7nth August 1977?

Hey - the answer is "When Benji Wrapped his Tractor Round the Old Oak Tree" by Brendan Grace. Source -

When was dancing queen number 1?

ABBA's "Dancing Queen" was recorded in August of 1975 but not released as a single until one year later, in August 1976 in Europe. It reached #1 in the UK in less than a month, on Sept. 4, and stayed at #1 for six weeks. It was released in North America in November of 1976 so didn't peak on the North American charts until early 1977. It hit #1 in the US in April of 1977.

What was Number one on August 16th 1977?

"Best of My Love" by The Emotions

What day was August 12 1977?

August 12 1977 was a Friday.

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