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What was the oldest cat that ever lived?

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She was 39, beating Creme Puff by a year.

The oldest cat ever lived to 29 and the oldest cat at the moment is 27. He is 28 on 8th December 2009.

The oldest cat so far that ever lived was 34 human years and was called Grampa

The oldest cat was born in 1977 and still living.

The oldest cat was 38 years and 3 days old, dying in the year 2005. And the year was 1967 when it was born. I don't know about the oldest cat nowadays.

2015-08-18 18:24:30
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Q: What was the oldest cat that ever lived?
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How old was the oldest cat that ever lived?


What is the oldest manatee to have ever lived?

A steelers sea cow is the oldest manatee to have ever lived.

What is the oldest pet cat?

my pet cat is 23, but the oldest ever pet cat is a Siamese x burmese, shes 32 years old, in south Australia. More than 37 years old at the time of her death, Cream Puff, another Texan, is recognized as the oldest cat to have ever lived. In human years, she was about 165 years old when she died.

What is the oldest Siamese cat that is recorded?

The oldest siamese cat recorded lived to be 32 human years old. 224 in cat years.

What is the oldest horse to of ever lived?

The oldest horse that ever lived was a horse that live in England named billy he died when he was 62

When will a 15 year old cat die?

Depends on the cat. I myself had a cat live to be almost 19 years old. The oldest cat I've ever heard of lived to be almost 23 years old!

How old is the oldest cat in America?

The oldest cat ever recored in america was 39 she died in 2005.

Is it true that there was a cat that was fifty years old?

No. The oldest cat on record lived to be 38.

Who is the oldest that ever lived in the bible?


How old is the oldest llama?

The oldest llama ever to have lived is said to be a llama named Geezer who lived to be 24.

How old was the worlds oldest cat?

The oldest cat ever was 38 years and 3 days when she died. Her name was Creme Puff (she was a Sphinx) and she died in 2005.The oldest cat recorded was 38 years old and 3 days. Her name was Creme Puff and she lived from August 3, 1967 till August 6, 2005.

Who was the oldest woman who ever lived?

122 she was French.

Who was the oldest man who ever lived on this earth?


What is the age of the oldest tortoise that ever lived?


How old was oldest cat ever?

39 years

What was the oldest cat ever in human years?


How long the oldest goat ever live?

the oldest goat lived for 49 years.

How old can a cat live for?

The oldest cat lived to about 27, but usually cats die at 20-23.

Who is the oldest man or woman that has ever lived?

The oldest verified man that has lived is Jiroemon Kimura at 116 years old. The oldest verified woman that has lived is Jeanne Calment at 122 years old.

What is the name of the oldest man who ever lived?

But the oldest person now just turned 115

How old the oldest dinosaur has ever lived?

1500 years.

What is the oldest horse ever?

old billy was the oldest horse who ever lived. he was a breed called clydesdale. he lived to the age of 62 when a horses lifespan is 25-30 not 20-25

What is the oldest living cat on record?

His name is creme puff he lived 38 years and eat human food instead of cat. He is on record and HE lived in Texas .

How old was or is the oldest horse in history?

The oldest horse that ever lived was a Thoroughbred named Old Billy. He lived until he was 62 and he died in 1823.

What is the oldest swan recorded?

According to the oldest swan ever, lived to be 40 years of age and the previous lived to be 28 years of age.