What was the origin for Chinese shadow puppets?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What was the origin for Chinese shadow puppets?
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When was Shadow Puppets created?

Shadow Puppets was created in 2002.

How are shadow puppets used?

shadow puppets are puppets which are used to make a shadow to represent something, they are generally used in front of a light to create a better shadow :)

When was The Last Shadow Puppets created?

The Last Shadow Puppets was created in 2007.

What types of puppets are there?

marionettes , hand puppets , shadow puppets , finger puppets , sock puppets

What is the ISBN of Shadow Puppets?

The ISBN of Shadow Puppets is 0-7653-0017-6.

What cultures use shadow puppets?

bali uses shadow puppets By harry from 1D

What has the author Zhen'an Qin written?

Zhen'an Qin has written: 'Zhongguo pi ying xi' -- subject(s): Chinese Folk drama, Folk drama, Chinese, Shadow puppets, Shadow shows

Is the movie shadow puppets scary?

No shadow puppets is not scary. It might be to some children but overall its not scary

What are Indonesian puppets that are never seen except as shadows?

shadow puppets

What are the ratings and certificates for Shadow Puppets - 2007?

Shadow Puppets - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA Germany:16

Why were shadow puppets made?

for enterainment

Where did shadow puppets come from?