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Iraq was removed from Kuwait.

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Who did the US fight in operation Desert Storm?

The US fought Iraq in operation Desert Storm

Why did the united nations and the US undertake operation desert storm?

The purpose of Operation Desert Storm was to liberate Kuwait.

How did Operation Desert Storm end?

Operation Desert Storm ended with a Coalition success in removing Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

What year did Operation Desert Storm happen?

Operation Desert Storm took place in 1991.

Why did the US participate in operation desert storm?

The stated US interest in operation desertstorm was the liberation of the state of Kuwait

What was the purpose of Operation desert storm?

Desert Storm was carried out to expel the Iraqi Armies from Kuwait.

In what year did operation Desert Storm take place?

Desert Storm took place in 1991

What was the objective of Desert Storm?

The objective of Operation Desert Storm was to end the Iraqi Occupation of Kuwait.

What did Operation Desert Shield become on January 16 1991?

It became Operation Desert Storm.

What year was operation desert storm?


Where did operation desert storm happened?


When did Operation Desert Storm take place?

The dates for Operation Desert Shield were August 2, 1990 to February 28, 1991. The dates for Operation Desert Storm were January 17, 1991 to February 10,1991.

When did desert storm 2 occur?

Operation Desert Storm Jan 15-Feb 26, 1991. Operation Iraqi Freedom started in 2003.

Did desert storm start in 2000 or 2001?

Neither. Operation Desert Storm stared in January 1991.

When did Desert Storm officially begin?

Operation Desert Storm began officially on 17 January 1991.

What was the outcome at the end of the Persian Gulf War?

Operation Desert Storm (Jan/Feb 1991) was successfully concluded with the ejection of Iraq from Kuwait territory.

Where did operation desert storm happen?

Operation desert storm was mainly for the UN forces consisting of a variety of internation forces to push enemy forces out of Kuwait

What are facts about Desert Storm?

Operation Desert Storm is most commonly known as the Gulf War. The Desert Storm began in January of 1991 and ended at the end of February.

What was the military operation in the Persian Gulf War called?

Operation Desert Storm

What was the immidiate result of operation desert storm?


Who was involed in the operation desert storm?

USA and Iraq

What year did the Operation of Desert Storm begin?


Operation desert storm song?

The name of the song that was "Voices that care." I saw this video on the flight home from Operation Desert Storm and still have a copy in my "war box."

Who was the president of Iraq during Operation Desert Storm?

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was the Iraqi President during Operation Desert Storm.

Who is the president of US when operation desert storm began?

George Bush (the elder) was US President for the entire duration of the Gulf War, including Operation Desert Storm.

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